3 lb Bundle: Colombia: 6 Half-Pound Sampler


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individual half pounds, this bundle includes:
Colombian Bucaramanga Supremo
Colombian Popayan Supremo
Colombian Premium Huila San Adolfo A – Community Top Lot
Colombian Premium Huila Palestina – Aguazul – Pink Bourbon Washed Processed
Colombian BCT Premium Huila Timana
Colombian Cauca Manos Juntas Micromill – Natural Processed

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A half pound each of:

Colombian Bucaramanga Supremo A great super fresh classic Colombian! Hints of acidity and soft fruit tones at lighter roasts but fuller bodied with darker tones, at darker roasts. This cup shows the classic spirit of Colombian coffee. Smooth and clean, nutty with bakers chocolate as the dominate the cup but can still catch floral and soft fruit crispness at the lighter roasts. Medium roasts are a great starting spot, accentuates the smoothness, great mix of nutty and chocolaty tones with little jazzy spice note, easy to drink with a sweeter edge. Darker roasts turn a bit more semi-sweet with a stronger bakers chocolate edge and some complimenting smoky/roasty notes, a touch of nuttiness mostly in the aftertaste.

Colombian Popayan SupremoA very fresh and classic Colombian coffee! Best from medium to dark roasted. The aroma of this coffee is very nice; sweet with with a little spice & floral notes. A stronger fuller bodied toasted walnut and chocolaty undertone. A little hint of acidity at the medium roast point or lighter but all in all a low acidity offering, before second crack creates a nicely balanced cup with a broad flavor profile. Touching 2nd crack builds some body and will add some smoky and roasty notes that can compliment the classic Colombian profile.

Colombian Premium Huila San Adolfo A – Community Top LotBest from light to medium roasts, not your average cup of Colombian coffee! This cup shines with floral and jasmine aromatics, a tasty treat even before your first sip. A bit on the brighter side, there is a bit of lemony crispness upfront that adds a lot of sweetness, balancing with a more chocolaty cup profile with added hints of nuttiness. Although not a Gesha coffee, it does share some similarities especially in its aromatics, makes this cup pretty unique and tasty for traditional Colombian strains. As one pushes the roast darker, the acidity and crispness gets much milder, right around second crack, smooth and creamy but already picking up more roasty notes. We thought strong medium to dark roasts were still tasty, but more roasty and non-descript, error lighter than darker to see this cup shine.

Colombian Premium Huila Palestina – Aguazul – Pink Bourbon Washed Processed Tasty from light to dark! Clean and semi-exotic for a Colombian, but a cup everyone should love! Lighter roasting is a showy cup but pretty acidic; sweet floral  with hints of red-fruit, a bit front loaded with brighter notes but if your a fan of such cups, it will impress. A couple tasters here noted pink lemonade at light roasts, which is not hard to see. Medium roasts balanced the cup much better, some hints of a nutty/caramel tones mixing with with a little floral and fruity front end. Darker roasts were slightly roasty, still floral and sweet but not fruity, accentuated the more nutty characteristics with some roasty notes lingering on the tongue in the aftertaste.

Colombian BCT Premium Huila TimanaA very nice super clean Huila cup! Buttery textured and complex; strong semi-sweet traditional walnut/chocolate tones balanced with with a little brightness and soft fruit tones. Lighter roasts can see some hints of more citric acidity but gets pretty mellow and smooth from medium to dark roasts.

Colombian Cauca Manos Juntas Micromill – Natural Processed

A very fruit forward and floral exotic Colombian

All sorts of cool unique flavors can be found in this cup. The brighter tones tend to range from a lemon citric component at the lighter roasts to more of a  stone fruit in the medium roast range. The acidity is pretty high at the lighter roasts but mellows greatly at a strong medium to dark roast. The balance of the cup comes from an almost cola-like tone that turns a bit nuttier into the darker roasts. Medium bodied, super clean with some far from traditional Colombian tones.



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