burman coffee traders testing lab for beans and coffee roasters
Here is where we test our coffee roasters and new varieties of specialty coffee beans.

Burman Coffee Traders – Our Business Values and our Passions

Beginning in 2002 as a home-based business (learn more about our history here), Burman Coffee Traders has grown to be recognized as a leading online purveyor of unroasted premium coffee beans and high quality small-batch home coffee roasting appliances.

Coffee is our Passion. Our constant endeavor is to discover the best coffees in the world, keeping up with the most exciting new trends and identifying the regions and individual estates that are growing the most exceptional beans at any moment in time, then sampling those coffees and bringing only the very finest to our customers. Every coffee we evaluate is roasted on all of our home roasters, and must taste superior in all cases, before we add it to our inventory.

We support coffee growers from a huge number of countries, especially seeking out those innovative industry leaders who strive to produce truly superior coffee, use sustainable farming techniques, and provide fair and healthy conditions for their workers. Incidentally, we often pay more for certain coffees to encourage and support those growers who meet these standards.

Coffee Roasting Excellence. As true coffee aficionados, we also insist on offering our customers the best small-batch coffee roasters for roasting coffee at home or in your small business. Every roaster we sell is thoroughly tested in our coffee lab and we regularly use each home roaster we sell to ensure their long term reliability. This hands-on experience with each appliance also helps us to prepare useful tips and advice on each one, to help you derive the best results and further develop your roasting skills (see our Coffee Roasting Learning Center). Our goal is to enhance your home roasting experience with excellent support and customer service.

  • All in stock orders are shipped by the next business day.
  • We respond to all customer inquiries by the next business day.

Meet our Burman Coffee Family

Jon Burman, Owner & Managing Partner

“As owner and managing partner, my goal is to ensure that Burman Coffee Traders remains the Premier Site for Home Coffee Roasting! If you have questions about home roasting I’d love to help.”

[email] [email protected]
[phone]  608-831-9247

Jon Burman, Burman Coffee Traders

Kathie Burman, Owner & Operations Manager

“My mission is to oversee the business operations of Burman Coffee Traders to ensure our customers are efficiently served. I want to know your concerns and how we can help better fulfill your order.”

[email] [email protected]
[phone]  608-831-9247

Kathie Burman of Burman Coffee

Garry Burman, Owner & Founder

“I founded Burman Coffee Traders on three core values: Treating our customers as family, offering the best coffees we can find, and being a good world citizen. I have a particular interest in ensuring you remain a satisfied member of our family of customers. If there is any way we can improve how we serve you, please contact me.”

[email]  [email protected]
[phone]  608-831-9247

garry burman of burman coffee traders
packing orders at Burman Coffee Traders
Some of our great employees packing and checking orders for accuracy.

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