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  4. How do gift certificates work?
  5. How does your shopping cart work?
  6. How does your coffee pricing work?
  7. How do I purchase a roaster or coffee as a gift?

Secure Ordering
All Online orders are processed in a secure encrypted system.  We do not store your credit card number.

Credit Card Liability
The major credit cards have adopted a zero liability policy for online use of their credit cards. Buying products online generally has zero risk. However, we suggest that you refer to your specific credit card provider’s liability policy.

Mail  Ordering
We also accept checks. Print your order from the shopping cart and mail it with a check or money order to:
Burman Coffee Traders
2140 W Greenview Dr
Suite 2
Middleton, Wi 53562

How do gift certificates work?

You can purchase a Burman Coffee Traders Gift Card here.   You can select a $10, $25, $50, or $100 gift card by clicking on the drop down arrow in the “Choose an Amount” field.  Our gift cards are delivered by email only to the email address that you type into the ‘To’ field . The recipient’s email will contain the gift card code, and whatever you type into the “From” and the  “Message” field.

As purchaser, you will receive an emailed invoice that will include the recipient’s email address and your gift message.  However,  it will not contain  the  gift card code.   If you want the gift card code  to come to you as purchaser, you can put your email address into the ‘To’ field when you purchase the gift card and then send the email to your recipient yourself.   We encourage you to purchase gift certificates separately from other products for ease of record keeping.

We will also have a record of the gift certificate here at Burman Coffee and can resend or help if needed.

You can redeem the gift card by clicking on the Redeem button on your email notification.  You can redeem your gift card either on the shopping cart or the checkout page.  Enter your gift card number in the field provided and click “Apply “.

If there is still an available balance on the gift card you will see the remaining balance directly below the Gift Card code.  It will look similar to the message below:

Gift Card

Remaining balance is $1.76
$8.24 [Remove]

How does your shopping cart work?
You can purchase products by clicking any “Add”  or “Select Options” button throughout the site. Our frequent coffee and tea buyers will find it easiest to shop using the Coffee List or Tea List.

You can verify what is in the shopping cart by clicking on the “View Cart”  button at the top right on each page.  If you are on the coffee or tea list a “View Cart” button will display below the Add button whenever you add a product to the cart.

You can always click the BCT logo to return to our homepage.

In the shopping cart you can calculate and choose your preferred shipping method by clicking on the  “Calculate Shipping” button.  Then click the “Proceed to Checkout” button.    You don’t have to calculate shipping here – as you will get another chance to choose a shipping option on the checkout page.

On the Checkout page you can enter gift card information and, if you are a returning customer, you can enter userid and password to populate your billing address, phone number, and  email address information .

New customers  will need to enter their billing information and, if desired, you can click on the link to “Create An Account” .  This lets you create a user name and password to store your address , phone number, and email for future orders.  Please note we never store credit card information.

If you are shipping to a different address, check the box and then enter the shipping information

You can also purchase a coffee sample,  t-shirt,  or coaster from the checkout page.

Review your order.

Enter your payment information.

Click on “place your order” and you are all done.  You will receive a copy of your invoice at the email address indicated in the Bill To information.

How does your coffee pricing work?
We offer our 3 lb. coffee bundles and 6 half-lb. coffee samplers as a cost-effective way to try out our coffees.

How do I purchase a roaster or coffee as a gift?
There is a ship to address upon checkout that will allow you to ship a gift directly to the recipient. We recommend including the invoice for shipping and warranty problems. If you contact us we will  be happy to leave the invoice out and  include a note with any information you would like with the order (love mom and dad or a happy b-day) . E-mail us at [email protected] for special requests or to include a note.

Please refer to our Warranty & Return Policy section for return information.

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