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A rich full flavored cup, great for espresso or Americano.

This coffee is chocolaty and sweet with a nutty base, moderate acidity and a full body, with just enough kick to get through those milky drinks.


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A rich full flavored cup, great for espresso or Americano. This coffee is chocolaty and sweet with a nutty base, moderate acidity and a full body, with just enough kick to get through those milky drinks.

We have added the perfect amount of robusta to raise the caffeine level and add great crema.

Make sure to let it set up for 12 or more hours – this cup will gain significant flavor.

I like to roast this one a little darker, a full city + to a French roast.

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20 reviews for BCT Espresso Blend

  1. Jonathan Hopper (verified owner)

    This has become my go-to for espresso. Very smooth and you just can’t beat the flavor! I’ve tried roasting this as both medium and dark roasts and it tastes great no matter how you roast it!

  2. Patrick Flanagan (verified owner)

    I totally agree with the first reviewer. This bean makes the best espresso I’ve ever tasted. I use a Vienna Roast (just short of a black shade) and it is outstanding. I’m hooked for life:-)

  3. Aaron

    The is the best pre-blended green espresso I’ve found. Better than the blends from sweet marias which I’ve been roasting for the past 10 years. It’s a complex espresso with underlying notes of bakers chocolate and dried fruit. It’s surprisingly dry and works fabulously in milk drinks. It’s also wonderful to simply sip. So glad I found BCT.

  4. Mike (verified owner)

    Tried this blend because I liked the price. It is just fabulous.

  5. Molly Kuper (verified owner)

    This blend is an absolute dream. By far my favorite flavor notes hit in every corner!

  6. Lenny

    Received this as a gift from my sister. I’ve been searching for a chocolatey, nutty bean for lattes for awhile. So far this one is on the top of the list. Roasted the first half pound to a Vienna two days ago and I’m liking what I’m tasting; looking forward to see how it develops over the next few days. Maybe for the other half pound I’ll see how a FC+ fares. Will definitely be ordering more.

  7. BruceK. (verified owner)

    Five out of Five stars. This coffee is DELICIOUS! Sooooo smooth and chocolatey and plenty strong to punch through milk drinks. Better than any other pre-roasted espresso I’ve ever purchased! Roasted to just start of second crack.

  8. Ed W. (verified owner)

    The taste is 5 star and I can’t improve on any of the other comments, however I’m taking 1 star off because the caffeine level hits hard and can leave me a little jittery. I’ve started cutting it with some PNG or Guatemalan.

  9. Kris (verified owner)

    I have ordered at least 20 lbs. this is my every day roast that I use in my espresso machine.

  10. akquicksilver (verified owner)

    I have been roasting this blend for a couple years now and I love it. I have tried other single origin, as well as other “Espresso” blends from other sources, but I keep coming back to this blend. After experimenting for quite a few pounds of roasts, I have come up with the roast that works best for my Profitec Pro 600 machine. I use a Gene Cafe roaster and this is the profile that gives me the best results so far: I start with 10 minutes at 360ºF to dry the beans and then I ramp up to 471ºF for 6 minutes and then cool down. This produces what I would call a medium city roast, just about into the first crack. I let the beans degass in an open container for 48 hours then I store them in the freezer. This roast produces a smooth, slightly sweet bold taste with lots of crema. Very pleased with this coffee and with BCT service.

  11. Toady Kay (verified owner)

    I immediately ordered 5 more pounds after sampling the first batch. This coffee is my new first go to espresso. I am having all of my friends try it too!

  12. mywebstuff123 (verified owner)

    This is my daily go-to for espresso. I love it. I usually roast it about 2 minutes past FC.

  13. Jerry Goettig

    I just received my Gene Cafe roaster a few weeks ago and I’ve roasted 3 batches now. I take it to second crack. It’s absolutely amazing. Everyone loves it in a iced white chocolate mocha. Crazy good. Easy to roast. I’m new to this and it tastes better than my local roasters blend. Crema is unreal. Highly recommended!

  14. russellhammack (verified owner)

    Makes a great espresso! A daily go to for friends and family. Has great body and a delicate balance of chocolate and acidity. Strongly recommend!

  15. Dave

    I’ve been roasting this in my Behmore 2000 for a year or so. It’s a great tasty little bean. I take it to about 15 seconds into second crack. Good stuff.

  16. Meagan (verified owner)

    This is easily the best, most consistent blend I’ve ever roasted for espresso. Every shot pulled is even, not sour, with substantial crema and the flavor is smooth, chocalte forward, with the right amount of bitterness. I’ve found we like it best roasted to Vienna. I’ll definitely be buying again.

  17. Mike Bradley (verified owner)

    Kudos to the Burman family and staff for being first rate partners. The BCT Espresso Blend is our top seller. Vienna is our standard roast for this this amazing blend. We found the smooth nutty chocolaty flavor is at it fullest when roasted into the first crack.
    Several our individual customers have gleefully abandoned the big “green” coffee shops to buy their own espresso machines and pull shots at home featuring BCT Espresso.
    We are now promoting this to our local private coffee stands who want to break away from the corporate roasters and are looking to offer a unique and traditional roast that is a truly great espresso blend.

  18. Nick Stegg (verified owner)

    Great! I took it just past 2nd crack for my daily americano (hot in the morning, iced in the evening). Really enjoying it.

  19. Rushad Daruwala (verified owner)

    My go to espresso blend. Roast in a SR800 to the start of 2nd crack. I rich smooth nutty chocolaty flavor with a healthy caffeine punch.

  20. notyourown (verified owner)

    A great blend at a great price. Better than others I’ve tried elsewhere. What’s also unique is these roasted
    stayed fresh and delicious well over a month now.

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