Guatemalan Premium Huehuetenango – Finca Vista Hermosa – Reserve Lot

A very clean and smooth cup. Lighter roasts get a very sweet and nutty tone right upfront, almost like a walnut dusted with a hint of powdered sugar. The nuttiness fades into a more traditional malty tone in the aftertaste. Floral in its aromatics but not in the cup, the acidity comes through as just a little hint of sweet lemon accentuated as the cup cools. Our preferred roast was a  city + roast (medium roast) bring out much more of a smooth and defined malty tone with a hint of soft fruit, just a hint of lemony acidity. A cup we could drink all day everyday.


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We have been friends with the award winning Finca Vista Hermosa almost as long as we have been working in coffee. The background of the farm, the meticulous growing and processing practices, the empowerment of the workers (and their neighbors) is all top notch. The farm has been in the family for three generations and is one of the few that survived the Guatemalan revolution, not by luck, but because of how they treated their workers and the respect they have gained in the Mayan community.

Tasting Notes:  A very clean and smooth cup. Lighter roasts get a very sweet and nutty tone right upfront, almost walnut like. The nuttiness fades into a more traditional malty tones with some jazzy spice the darker you roast. Higher acidity than the non-reserve, but still not sizzling. White wine like acidity comes through at light to medium roasts. Our preferred roast was a  city+ roast (light-medium). Great balance between the winy/floral and malty/spice. Less neutral than FVH standard beans, higher acidity and stronger tones, but both are just as good in our minds depending on what one likes.

Roasting Notes: Easy to roast and tasty from light to dark. Lighter roasts will be a bit nutty for some but a clean enough cup to hold it well and provide a nicely balanced cup. Medium roasts are one everyone would like, smooth with a little jazz. Dark roasts are rich and malty with a sweet edge.

FVH is a model farm. Edwin Jr. (third generation) is renowned for his consultant work on the ground in Huehuetenango. If a new farm works with him for a couple of years, its bound to be seen on the COE winning list. Okay maybe I am talking him up a bit too much but over the 15+ years we have been working with him, we have seen it spawn so many award winning coffees and operations including another one of our favorites, Finca De Dios. All of this success is modeled after his own farm, FVH.

You can read about Finca Vista Hermosa and view more pictures here: Our Trip to Guatemala

Edwin’s farm has won the cup of excellence in previous years and also has been used by Anacafe for the perfect example of what a Huehue. can be.

The original Mayan managed farm and one of the few farms to survive the Guatemalan Revolution. Although this is a farm, if you ever went there – it is more of a village than a traditional farm like we have here. Edwin and his family have very little to do with the actual operations of the farm, its all done by the village. The Guatemalan government really does not extend out to the rural areas so it is up to Edwin and his family to help build roads, schools, doctor clinics, give housing loans and take care of any emergency that may arise – I tell you they do a fantastic job.

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