Ngila Estate is a 250-hectare farm that is planted with 150,000 coffee trees on 100 hectares of land. The farm has been RFA and Utz certified for a decade, and the owners use traditional methods to fertilize as well as to control pests and diseases, especially focusing on biodiversity.

Coffees are picked and depulped the same day, then fermented underwater for 12 hours. The coffee is washed once to remove any mucilage, and then dried on raised beds for 12 days.

Tasting Notes:

Very complex Tanz cup with a complimentary hybrid honey processing (which is super rare for a Tanz coffee). A bit of floral and red fruit upfront balancing with a nice classic Tanz chocolaty factor. Clean as a whistle and tasty at almost any roast profile. For you natural processed fans, take it a bit lighter to accentuate the fruitiness of the cup. If a classic African fan, a nice full city roast is the way to go. The honey processing will only add some cool aromatics and just a hint of a soft fruit tone at any roasts nearing or into 2nd crack.

Roasting Notes:
We like this coffee best at a medium roast. Great balance, not to extreme in any of its tones and a cup everyone will love. Lighter or darker will be good to experiment with but will depend on personal taste preference. Be in for a tasty treat. Try extending the roast at the light to medium roast points to build a little more body and undertones.


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