This is a co-op that holds a special place in our hearts. This coffee is from 100% traceable, directly traded microlots. Each bag is uniquely identified with a bar code and a serial number. Gathered around an extinct volcano, Cerro San Juan, a committed group of 260 cooperative coffee farmers are working together to produce arguably the best coffee in Mexico. Terruño Nayarita coffees come from heirloom trees. The word ‘Terruño’ means ‘homestead’. These are farmers that take great pride in their coffee. This is the top screen-size/grade from the Terruño Nayarita Co-op.

San Cristobal Coffee Importers takes great care to find and produce excellent coffee, making sure farmers use safe, sustainable shade techniques and provide a fair wage to the workers. Check out their webpage:
San Cristobal

Tasting Notes:
A cool cup of Mexican coffee with unique processing that leaves it far from the normal Mexican cup profile. A bit sweet with very fruity aromatics. Bakers chocolate, malt, smoke and a bit of toasted walnut comprise the darker tones of the cup. A stronger cup with a fuller body for Mexican beans.

Roasting Notes:
A nice medium roast we thought to be the best. Works very nicely at the city to city + roasts (medium) and has a bit more fruit in the cup but if you error too light you will get underdeveloped chocolaty tones which come out a bit earthy.



  1. Will you be receiving Mexican Terruno anytime soon? We love this one! A bit bolder at a medium roast is exactly where we prefer it.
    Thanks much!

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