We found a new source for some very cool Haitian coffees. The folks working on the ground in Haiti live right here in Madison, Wi (at least some of them), they are called Singing Rooster. Singing Rooster is a non-profit that brings Haitian products (art, coffee, cocoa and more) direct to consumers and stores with 100% of the proceeds funneling back to the farmers and communities in Haiti. Although we love Joey and he has good values for his business, one cannot argue with more money and assistance getting to the farmers and communities. Sure, its good to feel good about the beans you buy but something just as important or even more important is the product itself; the coffee is beautiful, the quality of prep and consistency of the beans is up easily a couple of notches over the last couple of Haitians we had. Way cleaner cup that we have seen before and for the same price, with more money getting to the farmers and communities. A win-win in anyone’s book.

This is year two of working closely with Singing Rooster and we picked out 4 awesome lots. 3 washed processed from different regions and one proto type honey processed lot still on a boat. All fantastic and pretty different offerings.

This coffee is from the UCOCAB group of coops, located in the Central Plateau of Haiti. This group brings together seven different level-one coops from the Baptiste region. Cab is one of the more recognized co-ops producing absolute gems of lots. This coffee is from 900-1300 m altitude.

Coffee trees thrive in Haiti. Mountains aren’t good for most agriculture, but they’re IDEAL for coffee; coffee trees thrive in moist but well-drained soil at high altitudes. The higher the altitude, the bigger/harder the bean, the better the coffee!

Tasting Notes:
This is the first year we have actually seen some highly rated (industry wise) beans from Haiti. Crisp clean acidity at the lighter roasts with very little risk underdeveloped tones. Even though this cup is clean enough to roast light; most will want to get close to 2nd crack for this cup. Fuller bodied and chocolaty with just a little hint of floral acidity at the full city roast. Great balance and a lovely cup!

Roasting Notes:
We recommend a strong medium roast – just before the 2nd crack – keeps it fuller bodied and smooth. A cool cup at a city plus roast as well but will be nuttier with that island acidity. Dark roast is very tasty as well and pretty close to the Haitian Blue Mountain.


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