Sampler – 6 Half-Pounds – Burman Coffee Favorites:

Six individual half pounds, this bundle includes:

Costa Rican SHB EP Dota Tarrazu – Santa Maria – Washed Processed
Ethiopian Guji Org. Natural Gr. 1 – Kayon Mountain Shakiso
Haitian Premium – Singing Rooster – Baptiste Blue
Dominican Org Ramirez Estate – Red Honey
Indian Mysore Nuggets – Extra Bold
Kenya Kirinyaga – Kibirigwi Thunguri – AA Top Lot


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Sample some classic coffee flavor profiles from around the world! A half pound each of:

Costa Rican SHB EP Dota Tarrazu – Santa Maria – Washed Processed
A very nice co-op production Tarrazu that follows the classic Costa terroir, floral acidity versus nutty and chocolaty tones. Best at medium to dark roasts, a lovely daily drinker. A good balance of flavors that can accommodate anyone’s personal tastes, dependent on roast level. Lighter roasts are brighter, sweeter and more floral, balanced with hints of dryer, nutty undertones. Medium roasts had the best balance, smooth with a slight chocolaty edge and pronounced nuttiness in the aftertaste, just a hint of crispness to the cup. Dark roasts turn fuller bodied and semi-sweet, accentuating the nutty and chocolate tones even more but will lose its floral and crisp sweeter edge.

Ethiopian Guji Org. Natural Gr. 1 – Kayon Mountain Shakiso
Clean, bright, sweet with a very diverse flavor set. Stone and darker fruit, citrus & floral, and spiced chocolate tones are the main flavors one can see in this cup, either accentuated or muted depending on roast level. Nice jammy body will be seen in the medium to borderline dark roast mark. Very dependent on roast – lighter roasting gives much more of the citrus, red-fruit with just a hint of a spicy chocolaty factor, a much dryer finish. Darker roasts produce much more of a bakers chocolate cup with a hint of a strawberry like fruit note and good sweetness, far less acidic. A very enjoyable cup from light to dark.

Haitian Premium – Singing Rooster – Baptiste Blue
Awesome cup this season, good from light to dark. Darker roasts which are more traditional for Haitian coffee, come off robust and strong with a floral islandy sweet edge and a smoky aftertaste. Bigger bodied and on the chocolaty spicy side of things. Being so clean this cup is great at light to medium roasts as well; hints of lemony floral, crisp, sweet with a more nutty/caramel tone. A little acidity but not enough to push folks away. A lovely daily drinking cup.

Dominican Org Ramirez Estate – Red Honey
Best from the lighter side of a medium roast to as dark as you want to go. A bit cleaner tasting but slightly less fruity than previous seasons. Lighter roasting presents some nice honey processed features: citric, floral, soft fruit with an almost oak/peat like finish, sweet & complex but does risk some underdeveloped tones if you nail it a little too light. Medium roasts were our favorite, still balanced and complex but will develop the traditional chocolate and smoky tones for which Dominican coffees are known for – to balance out those more exotic fruity and citric tones. Darker roasts are a little more complex than on the washed processed version, but not as smooth and rich.

Indian Mysore Nuggets – Extra Bold
Indian Mysore Nuggets has been a favorite of Burman Coffee and customers for many years and this crop does not disappoint. The aroma is nutty, woody, and some slight smokiness. Many of the notes in the aroma come through in the flavor like walnuts and some smoke. There’s dark fruit, oak, licorice, and some vanilla spice, like a good dry red wine. The finish has a subdued brightness to it with just hints of lemon zest at lighter roast points. The body is medium to full depending on roast and brew. There’s a reason people keep coming back to this bean. It’s a smooth all around great stronger cup of coffee.

Kenya Kirinyaga – Kibirigwi Thunguri – AA Top Lot
A great cup! Super clean in its cup characters. Very bright and somewhat fruity at the lighter roasts; citrus, floral and red fruit balanced with just hint of a herbal nutty/caramel factor. Medium roasts get more balanced, not as citric, building a bigger bodied darker tone. The citric turns a little grapefruit like and the nuttiness turns a bit more chocolaty, maintains a lot of depth between the acidity and herbal chocolate/nutty floral notes . Darker roasts get very strong and semi-sweet, think bakers chocolate with herbal accents. A little smoky and roasty but presents nicely for a more exotic dark roast.

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