3 lb bundle: Tanzania Edelweiss Estate


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:
Tanzania RFA Edelweiss Estate Honey Process AB
Tanzania RFA Edelweiss Estate Washed Process AB
Tanzania RFA Edelweiss Estate Carbonic Maceration

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A pound each of:

Tanzania RFA Edelweiss Estate Honey Process AB

Tasting Notes: A very cool crisp and clean cup of coffee. A little fruit forward but not over the top, at almost any roast one will get a faint red fruit tones lingering in the aftertaste. A little brighter cup that is tailored to before 2nd crack roasts. Very chocolaty with a medium body balanced with nice floral sweet acidity upfront and a hint of honey processed red fruit in the aftertaste.

Roasting Notes: A light to medium roast coffee for sure, this is not one to touch 2nd crack or go into 2nd crack with. The washed processed will hold up much better in that regard. The beans will look a little darker shade than the roast actually is, make sure you see the expansion in size to mark you lighter roasts. Most should shoot for a medium roast to start so not to front load the cup with overly floral tones.

Tanzania RFA Edelweiss Estate Washed Process AB

Tasting Notes: A very cool crisp and clean cup of coffee. The washed processing is the “traditional” processing method and the cup presents the “normal” Tanz tones very nicely. Nice lemony floral notes upfront giving the cup a nice sweet crispness at the lighter roast points. Tasty semi-sweet chocolate notes balance the cup out, a bit on the herbal spice side of things like most Africans. Darker roasts get real low acidity and fuller bodied while maintaining a smoothness not often found in some dark roasts.

Roasting Notes: A very versatile coffee and easy to roast. We would avoid the cinnamon roast level (super light) but anything past that will be tasty. Lighter roasts will have some acidity but provide nice clean cups. Darker roasts work very nicely as well, smooth, strong with chocolate, spice, smoke in the cup profile.

Tanzania RFA Edelweiss Estate Carbonic Maceration

Carbonic maceration is a fermentation technique originally developed in the wine industry involving storing/processing grapes in a carbon dioxide rich environment, fermenting it without oxygen. This causes a different flavor profile that seems to bridge the gap between washed and natural processed  in the coffee beans. A different approach to a honey processed like cup profile.

Tasting Notes: A decently clean cup that fits right in between the honey processed and washed processed offering. It looks more like a honey but tastes a bit closer to the washed. Lighter roasts produce the highest acidity out of the three Edelweiss offerings giving a bit more sweetness upfront and stronger floral tones. A bit fuller bodied than the washed processed the cup gets nice and creamy at the full city roasts level. Darker roasts accentuate the spicy malty chocolate notes.  Although it looks like a natural appearance wise, it is not a fruit forward cup like the actual honey processed. The oxygen-less processing really brought forth some cool attributes from natural/honey processing without the fruity factor.

Roasting Notes: This coffee roasts like a honey processed. You will notice a little two-toned roasting with it and a little higher chaff content, shouldn’t be a challenge for anyone but good to keep a close eye on it for roast level can be a little deceiving. Super light roasts should be avoided but a nice more exotic cup in the lighter spectrum of roasting. Closer to the 2nd crack bring good balance to the cup and darker roasts into the 2nd crack get very strong, semi-sweet and smoky.

Edelweiss estate located in Oldeani, Tanzania. The 600 acre estate is perched on the slopes of the Ngorogoro Caldera (the largest unbroken caldera in the world), a protected wildlife refuge for the endangered black rhino and UNESCO World Heritage site. The estate has been in the Vohora family since the end of World War II. In recent years the Vohora family has made significant farm renovation including inter-cropping macadamia trees for shade and income diversity. Mill innovations have also vastly improved water management and quality control from picking to export. More than 50 full time employees have access to housing and land to grow food crops for their families.


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