Guatemalan Premium Quetzaltenango Finca San Isidro


A wonderful super clean cup. Bright soft fruit notes upfront.  Clean, sweet and very balanced coffee.

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Origin: Quetzaltenango

Lot #: 0001

Arrival Date: 03/14/18

Processing Method: Washed

Finca San Isidro was established in 1897 by a visionary man: Felix Maldonado Robles. It is currently owned by Agrícola San Isidro, S.A.: a 100% family business, ran by the third and fourth generation of its founder.

Finca San Isidro practices sustainable farming – reason why its coffee producing area is covered by Inga shade and other native species of shade. Shade trees provide a refuge for biodiversity. Decaying leaves add layers of organic matter that prevent erosion, maintain humidity in the soil for the crop, and protect the water recharge area for the local watersheds used in the farm and surrounding communities.

Because of the nature of its location, surrounded by hills and mountains, the farm pays special attention to soil and environmental conservation, reason why weed control is done manually and the use of agricultural inputs and supplies are sustainable.

The farm is located in the foothills of the Lacandon Jungle, a refuge for wildlife and quetzals, the national bird of Guatemala. To aid conservation of the rainforest, the area has been declared as a private nature reserve.

The soil of Finca San Isidro is of volcanic origin, product of the eruptions of the Santa Maria Volcano during the beginning of the 20th century. The Rio Talcanac crosses the farm with its abundant water which is also fed by several water springs that provide water to the surrounding communities.

Its altitude, climate, soils, and arabica Bourbon variety provide the ideal conditions for Finca San Isidro to produce one of the best specialty Strictly Hard Bean Coffees of Guatemala. It has been selected by Starbucks the last two years to be promoted worldwide as a Starbucks Special Reserve Coffee.

The process begins as crimson coffee cherries are handpicked in the fields by well-trained pickers. Coffee cherries are carefully selected by siphons and sieves to ensure that only the beans with the optimum ripeness go through the process. The pulp is removed from the coffee cherry in a horizontal depulping machine. Afterwards mucilage is removed with clean water after 48 hours of fermentation, and a last selection is done to ensure just the first quality coffee is exported. Coffee is sun and mechanical dried in Guardiola type driers. Once the coffee beans are dried it is warehoused to rest in special bags for its transfer to Guatemala City and then to their final destination.

Finca San Isidro has donated land to build schools, medical posts and community roads.

Tasting Notes: A wonderful super clean cup. Bright soft fruit notes upfront. A bit of a peachy like tone balanced with a medium bodied sweet malty undertone. A bit floral and a bit chocolaty along with some hidden spice notes that real subtlety pop out. Clean, sweet and very balanced coffee.

Roasting Notes: Great cup at almost any roast point. Lighter roasts will be pretty crisp upfront with acidity. Real balanced between the city and full city roasts. Dark roasts lose the bulk of the acidity but gain a lot of body and malty smoky tones. 


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