3 Reasons We Love Colombian Coffee (and You Should Too)

landscape of rolling mountains in Colombia. The hills are verdant and lush

Did you know that one of the world-leading coffee producing nations is made entirely of small and independent farmers? That nation is Colombia. Located in the northwest part of South America, Colombia’s coffee economy is a fascinating study. Here are three awesome reasons we love Colombian coffee and why you should too.

1). Colombia is the #1 producer of Arabica coffee beans

Gourmet coffees are typically made from the arabica coffee bean, which allows for a wide variety of flavors depending on soil, climate, cultivation and other factors. It’s the most popular coffee in the world—about 60% of the cups of coffee in the world are made from arabica beans.

The variety of elevations in the Colombian coffee growing region means that each farmer produces their own distinct flavor. This makes Colombian coffee perfect for coffee lovers with discerning tastes. Once you find a flavor that you love, you’ll keep coming back to support that small farmer! (Luckily, we offer a wide variety of those flavors in our shop. Click here to browse.)

2). Two NGOs Support Colombian Coffee Farmers

How is a nation made up of small and independent coffee farmers able to become a world leader in coffee growing? For two very good reasons: Colombia has two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support their coffee farmers.

Federacion Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC) (National Federation of Coffee Growers in English) assists small farmers with logistical and commercial workflows that are difficult to implement independently. A lot of coffee in Colombia is harvested by hand and transported by mule, and the infrastructure at FNC keeps those sacred traditions while providing a foothold in the modern global market.

Cenicafe is a research organization that helps small farmers with grain quality, production, processing, harvesting, conservation efforts and much more. Just like with logistics, it’s great for small farmers to have a large resource working to always improve the quality of their coffee crop.

With these two organizations at their side, small coffee farmers in Colombia can keep their status as a global leader in coffee.

3). Colombia is the third-leading coffee growing nation in the world

For an economy made up almost entirely by small and independent farmers, this is a huge feat! Lots of thanks goes to the efforts of the farmers, the aforementioned organizations that support them, and you, the customer, for enjoying the coffee these farmers grow.

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