Colombian Premium Giraldo Exotica

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1 lb bag, 2 lb bag, 5 lb bag, 20 lb bag, 60 lb bag


Origin: Antioquia, Giraldo
Lot #: 1607
Arrival Date : 05/11/17
Processing Method : Washed

New 2016/17 crop!

Colombia Giraldo Exotico is produced by Grupo Giraldo Exotico de Altura, founded in 2004 with 15 farmers in the town of Giraldo. Grupo Giraldo Exotico de Altura lies under the jurisdiction of the Cooperativa de Caficultores del Occidente de Antioquia. The department of Antioquia, one of 32 departments in Colombia, is located in the central northwestern part of the country. It is here, in the heart of Colombia, known as the coffee belt, where coffee is produced year round with certain harvest peaks. The growers combine their efforts in the Andean mountains at a high elevation to produce this bright and lively coffee.

Tasting notes:
A unique Colombian; very strong, flavorful and balanced. A great cup for those looking for a full flavored in your face type cup. Awesome new crop brightness giving soft fruit/citrus floral crisp notes up front leaving your tongue pretty jazzed, balanced with that Colombian big body buttery mouth feel.  This cup finishes with a sweet dark tone almost a malty walnut type note. A cup just about everyone will love.

Roasting notes:
This is a complex cup of coffee. The taste will be highly dependant on roast. Good from light to dark. A little more exotic at the lighter roast points. Real big body, buttery and sweet into those darker roasts.

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Bag Size

1 lb bag, 2 lb bag, 5 lb bag, 20 lb bag, 60 lb bag


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