Haitian – 4 Half-Pound Sampler

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individual half pounds, this bundle includes:
Haitian – Cafe Kreyol Org. Blue – 100% Caribbean Strain (AKA Blue Mountain)
Haitian – Singing Rooster – Blue Pine Forest
Haitian – Singing Rooster – Baptiste Blue
Haitian – Singing Rooster – Savane Zombie 17/18


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Try four different coffees from Haiti! 1/2 pound of each.

Haitian – Cafe Kreyol Org. Blue – 100% Caribbean Strain (AKA Blue Mountain)
A lovely coffee. Low acidity, medium body with rich and robust darker tones ringing throughout the cup. Medium to dark roasts are where these beans shine. Lighter roasting without much acidity will leave the cup a bit nutty and lacking but clean. Starting at about a medium roast the cup builds a wonderful chocolate note with some smoky and malty overtones. A bit on the sweeter smoother side, a tasty treat. Darker roasts, close to touching 2nd crack and where the much more robust tones pop out of the cup, reminiscent of a nice Haitian cigar.

Haitian Premium – Singing Rooster – Blue Pine Forest
A very clean and rich cup of coffee. We thought best at a nice medium roast. A little hint of acidity upfront to keep it a little crisper and sweeter. Although a  bit thinner bodied than the other Haitian offerings and not quite as potent, it’s just as tasty.  A sweet nutty/chocolaty base tone; provides a little hint of caramel if lucky on the roast. Lighter roasts pop a bit more floral with a hint of soft fruit but can add a little herbal spice to the cup. Darker will get pretty smoky and edgy into the 2nd crack – bold as they would say, tasty but matches the other Haitians a bit better, kills the more delicate and sweet feature set these beans provide.

Haitian Premium – Singing Rooster – Baptiste Blue
Awesome cup this season, good from light to dark. Darker roasts which are more traditional for Haitian coffee, come off robust and strong with a floral islandy sweet edge and a smoky aftertaste. Bigger bodied and on the chocolaty spicy side of things. Being so clean this cup is great at light to medium roasts as well; hints of lemony floral, crisp, sweet with a more nutty/caramel tone. A little acidity but not enough to push folks away. A lovely daily drinking cup.

Haitian Premium – Singing Rooster – Savane Zombie 17/18
A great medium to dark roast coffee. Robust and strong with an exotic more island premium sweet edge.  Lighter roasts get a cool semi-floral sweet tone upfront balanced with a little grassy caramel and slight hint of herbal spice, tasty but does not bring forth those awesome stronger chocolate notes that Haitian coffee is known for. As one progresses towards the darker roasts it  gets much fuller bodied and chocolaty (more bakers chocolate than milk) with just a little hint of floral acidity at the full city roast. Into 2nd crack its a rough and tumble cup with added smoky tones.

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