Decaffeinated Mexican Esmeralda EA Natural

A great clean decaf coffee! Good from light to dark. Lighter roasting will show a little lemony crispness, rare for a decaf. Sweeter edged with a little herbal chocolate contrast. Medium roasts cut out most of the lemony crispness and rid the cup of its herbal edge. Smooth and rich, medium bodied, with a more pronounced chocolate tone; a bit floral and sweet in the aromatics, adds to the drinking experience but doesn’t come through in the tastes. Darker roasts are robust and strong, semi-sweet and very chocolaty with a roasty edge.


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Are you looking for an aromatic decaf that is a versatile roaster? Creating a tremendously clean-tasting cup of coffee, this bean has something for everyone. An excellent addition to any day, it hosts a range of flavors, from citrus and green apple to caramel and chocolate.

What is EA Natural? EA stands for Ethyl Acetate, which is a naturally occurring compound that can be found in fruits and vegetables. This process is considered more holistic since ethyl acetate is a naturally occurring compound. Green beans are fully saturated and steamed to fully expand the cells before rinsing them with the ethyl acetate. This solution binds to the caffeine in a bean, thus removing approximately 97% of the bean’s caffeine. The coffee bean is then thoroughly rinsed from the EA solution and re-dried for transport.

Tasting Notes: This bean brings a crisp citrus tone with a blonde roast, which is rare for decafs, offering a sweet edge with slight notes of herbal chocolate to contrast the crispness of the citrus.

Or, if citrus is not your favorite, take it to a medium roast to lose the crisp citrus and eliminate the herbal edge found in a lighter roast. A medium roast will present a smooth, rich, medium-bodied cup with deep chocolate tones; sweet floral aromatics waft from this brew and create an experience in a cup.

The darkest roast produces a strong, robust flavor, which is slightly sweet with rich chocolate. Toasty and warm, round out a dark roast of this bean.

Roasting Notes: A easy one to roast, good from light  to dark roast. If looking for a smooth cup with a bit sweeter edge, make sure to keep it before 2nd crack. If you want  a heftier cup with strong bakers chocolate, touching to into 2nd crack.

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