3 lb bundle popular


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Colombian Huila Supremo
Costa Rican Palmares SHB EP Monte Crisol
Peru Org. SHB EP Norte

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Jon’s coffee special features our three most popular coffees.
This bundle includes:

Colombian Huila Supremo

From one of the most famous growing regions of Colombia, Huila Coffee is grown in the rich soils in the central range of mountains (Cordillera Central) that also bear the 6th highest mountain in Colombia, Nevado del Huila, a 17,568 recently active volcano in the Cordillera Central Range.

Huila coffee grows at 1500 to 1900 meters above sea level, in rich volcanic soils and perfect coffee microclimate, with plenty of late morning fog which burns off to wash the beans with just the right amount of midday sun. The beans grow slowly and develop rich, bright, intense and balanced flavors. If you carefully observe the green beans, you’ll see a certain high grown gnarliness to them, many of the center lines are tight and a little crooked. In a light roast, you’ll see “character lines” on the outside of the beans, these beans grew slowly, densely and richly (think of oak vs balsa wood and the difference in density between those), developing richly balanced flavors you can’t just get anywhere.

Tasting Notes:
A good everyday drinker – this Huila coffee is very smooth with pretty low acidity. A sweeter soft fruit tone at a nice medium roast balancing with a bit of chocolaty nutty factor. Medium bodied at the medium roast mark, a little fuller bodied at the darker roast points. Darker roasts will mute the sweeter fruit tones and deliver a much stronger bakers chocolate tone with a smoky accent.

Costa Rican Palmares SHB EP Monte Crisol

This is a very nice Co-op production by COOPEPALMARES, they have a state of the art processing facility with certifications in quality and environmental management. The wet mill utilizes recycled water and the mechanical dryers recirculate airflow to maximize furnace efficiency. The facility also has an organic fertilizer production plant and a water treatment plant.

COOPEPALMARES operates two supermarkets in Palmares and sells roasted coffee for national consumption (although the nicer chops like this tend to get more money when exported). Coop members have access to low interest loans and healthcare for their families at the coop-run health center and mobile clinic.

Tasting Notes: A very nice and clean Costa. Lighter roasts will show that classic Costa floral acidity, a little bit on the lemony side balanced with a little dry nutty chocolate tone. As the roasting pushed more into the medium category the cup develops a bit more body and reduced acidity levels giving a much smoother mouthfeel and more defined chocolaty factor, creates the best balance of tones, a little lighter floral, a little chocolaty/nutty, very pleasant drinker. Darker roasts hold up nicely and turn the cup more stronger and more bakers chocolate like, the roasty notes from darker roasting do compliment the cup but pretty much burn out the more floral sweet character.

Peru Org. SHB EP Norte

A very nice arrival to kick off the new Peru season. The Norte Peru has been a real big hit the last couple of years and this cup is just as tasty as it has been in the past.

Coming from family owned farms organized around the CENFROCAFE co-op, which is an umbrella cooperative established in 1999 that supports 80 organizations and 2,000 coffee producers in the region of Majorca, Peru. CENFROCAFE provides training and financing aimed at improving coffee quality and yields to increase farmer earnings.

Tasting Notes:
A great gentle and smooth cup of coffee. Low acidity cup, one can see a little floral at the lighter roast points but in general it will be smooth, medium bodied, chocolaty and very low acidity and a bit sweeter edge. Most will like these beans from a nice medium roast to a little bit on the darker side. A cup almost everyone will like and a good everyday drinker.


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