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Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Colombian Supremo BCT Select
Nicaraguan RFA Selva Negra – Washed Processed
Guatemalan Premium Huehue. – Finca El Diamante – Florencio Villatoro

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Jon’s coffee special features three of our most popular coffees.
This bundle includes:

This is a very fresh & tasty Supremo (large bean screen).

In Colombia the vast majority of coffee is cultivated, harvested and processed on small family owned farms. While these producers are their own architects, designing farm management and post-harvest solutions to fit their environment, they also need strong alliances to bring their coffee to the international market and earn fair prices. To support this system of small farm production, Colombia established the Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia (FNC) to organize and support a complex network of larger regional coffee cooperatives.

These cooperatives provide producers with valuable logistical support like centralized warehouses to store dried parchment and dry mills where the coffee is prepared for export according to size and quality.

Tasting Notes:
Best from a medium to dark roast; big bodied, low acidity with stronger more toasted nutty/chocolaty character. Smooth and rich cup, on the stronger, semi-sweet side of Colombian coffees. Classically toned as some would say.  If you touch or go into second crack, one does get some complimenting roasty and smoky tones that turn the cup more chocolaty than nutty. Before 2nd crack, more nutty than chocolaty.

Roasting Notes: 
An easy to roast coffee good from a medium roast to as dark as you want to go. Light roasts come off a little grassy and under developed but as you creep towards a medium roast you get very nice classic Colombian toasted walnut and spice with a slightly chocolaty finish.


Nicaraguan RFA Selva Negra – Washed Processed

One of the worlds most sustainable farms in the world! A wonderful direct relationship coffee. Nicaraguan Selva Negra coffee is cultivated in the most ecologically sustainable and socially responsible way possible.  Learn more by reading our Selva Negra Grower Profile.

Selva Negra’s history is in many ways the history of the coffee in Nicaragua altogether. In the 1880’s the Nicaraguan government invited young German immigrants to come and settle in Nicaragua in order to promote coffee growing in the northern highlands. Many accepted the offer, thus forming the main coffee plantations of the country; some estates bear names of their motherlands. Selva Negra means Black Forest, and the coffee estate is called La Hammonia, Latin for Hamburg. Located approximately 4,000 ft. above sea level, La Hammonia has been producing fine old style Arabica coffee for over 100 years. Eddy Kühl & Mausi Kühl-Hayn, the farm’s proprietors are descendants of two of these original German immigrants – Alberto Vogl and Klaus Kühl.

Selva Negra Estate Coffee is grown at a high altitude in a shaded environment. This allows the bean to have a slow development cycle which instills an intense and fulfilling flavor to each bean. The coffee is not only 100% Arabica, but more importantly it is mostly Bourbon and Typica strains (which produce higher quality beans than other varieties of coffee trees). The region of Matagalpa, Nicaragua is mountainous with excellent volcanic soil producing exceptional beans. Finally, the coffee is prepared using an environmentally friendly washing process, which gives the coffee still one more unique quality enhancing aspect.

Tasting Notes:
A very nice and super fresh batch of their traditional farm aggregate. A little hint of citrus floral upfront balanced with nice complex malty tones. Great everyday drinker at a medium roast, balanced with a sweet edge. A heftier cup at the darker roasts and equally as tasty, fuller bodied with strong malty and smoky tones but still retains that sweeter edge to it.

Roasting Notes:
Easy to roast, great prep on the beans and roast pretty even. Make sure hit a medium roast or darker, with being a little lower acidity, not a ton of jazz at those lighter roast points but as you progress the roast it builds that great malty tone that Nicaragua is known for.


Guatemalan Premium Huehue. – Finca El Diamante – Florencio Villatoro

New 2022/23 Crop! The first of our awesome direct relationship Guatemalans to hit. Finca Vista Hermosa & Finca De Dios, along with COE and Ana Cafe winners should arrive by Sept.

Coffee is part of this families blood – Finca El Diamante is owned by one of the Villatoro family members; Florencio. In the same family are the owners of Finca Esperanza, Finca Villaure and Finca Rosma (as well as a few more). These are some of the best farms and the most well known in all of Guatemala. Most of the brothers and their farms have won the cup of excellence. It will be Florencios turn next.

Edwin, our favorite Guatemalan coffee farmer (Finca Vista Hermosa) and our buddy who sources most of our Guats, is good friends with the family and cherry picks some awesome top lots for us. This one is no exception.

Tasting Notes: A wonderful traditional tasting Huehue. Good from light to dark; winy, malty, floral, semi-sweet with good body. Just a pinch of a fruitiness as the cup cools. Light roasts are delicate and more floral upfront, accentuates the winy crispness of the cup, pulls some contrast with a little malty/nutty tone, and a little soft fruit tone especially as the cup cools. Good to let lighter roasts setup a couple days before drinking. Medium roasts were our personal favorite, much stronger semi-sweet malty tones with some winy highlights. Good body and mouthfeel at the medium roasts making this an easy cup to drink all day long. Darker roasts really promote the semi-sweet malty tone, comingles with smoky and roasty notes from the darker roast points. A good cup but pretty roasty. A good dark roast candidate for those who like a smokier cup of joe.

Roasting Notes: An easy bean to roast, beautiful prep with pretty much 0 defects or off beans. Will roast slightly two toned but hard to tell in the final product. High altitude Guatemalans like this will darken up quickly, looks like a medium roast at 1st crack. A good coffee to watch for the expansion in size to mark 1st crack, bean surface gets a strong sheen as you approach second crack.

In his mid-fifties, Florencio Villatoro is incredibly diligent and active despite having had many setbacks. He’s one of the younger brothers of COE winning Aurelio Villatoro, owner of Finca Villaure, Pedro Villatoro of the always sparkly Guayabales lots, Juan Villatoro of El Milagro and the eldest brother, Julian of the Los Olivos lots. Florencio’s diligence has paid off in regional, national, and international awards. In the 2022 harvest cycle, El Diamante won 10th place in the One Of A Kind Guatemala auction with a natural Bourbon, and 28th place in the Cup of Excellence with a washed Maragogype (of which we carried).

Florencio started young, with a coffee nursery and a small lot gifted by his father. He’s been working earnestly since he was 13. At the age of 25, he was in a tragic car accident which damaged his leg, but he’s continued working, innovating, and thriving with the support from his family.

Florencio’s wife Lesvia Marilú López has actively worked in the farm operations through the decades. Now, their four children, Riner, Maikel, Yelsin and Danita, are adults living and working around the farm. On any given afternoon during the bustle of harvest, you might see Florencio turning parchment rows on the patios or laughing with his grandchildren while Riner weighs cherry turn-ins from pickers, and Maikel cups day lots with the cousins in at the family lab.

Florencio has a great sense of humor, and like the rest of his family is kind and generous; a great host. He loves to talk with friends, spend time outdoors, watch soccer with the community, and spend a lot of time with his family.

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  1. Bill M.

    I always love this coffee. It has a lovely and complex flavor. No one element dominates. I like to roast it medium to medium dark. Each pound I roast is a different variety, but every time I roast this one, both my wife and I absolutely love it.

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