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Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Brazil Premium FAF (Bob-O-Link) – Caconde Serra Do Cigano – Natural Processed
Mexican Terruño Nayarita Washed Processed SHG EP
Rwanda Dukunde Kawa Musasa FT – Washed Ruli Mountain Bourbon

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Jon’s coffee special features three of our most popular coffees.
This bundle includes:

Brazil Premium FAF (Bob-O-Link) – Caconde Serra Do Cigano – Natural Processed

FAF is Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza. One of the coolest Brazilian coffee farms on the block. They are also the guys that process and run the Bob O Link Co-op, which many of us love and have been waiting for. I had the joy of staying with them for a bit back in 2017 on my first trip to Brazil, bouncing around with our buddy Ricardo. It really is one of the best coffee farms in the world, from both a taste perspective, as well as a sustainability standpoint.

Although these are not the award winning lots FAF produces (boy are those ones expensive), these three coffees are worth every penny, basically like very fancy Bob-O-Link coffees. Higher cup scores than Bob-O-Link coffees, more diversity in flavor, more traceable, and fresh as can be.  Instead of being a blend of all the farmers and operations, these are fancier single farm, or multi-family lots. A notch up from our usual Bob-O-Link Brazil offerings but produced and processed by the same folks with similar tastes.

Tasting Notes: A beautiful single-origin drinking Brazil. Clean, rich and balanced; this is a cup we are happy to drink all day long! This is the most traditional lot of the three, a bit more neutral tasting but just as clean and tasty. Hints of lemony acidity at the lighter roasts, good body with more traditional Brazilian nuttiness in the cup. Turns a bit more chocolaty and smooth as one pushes the roast into the medium to dark roast level. A nice sweet edge to the cup regardless of roast level. Still has some fruitiness in the cup, also some cool spice notes, but mild comparatively to the other two offerings.

Roasting Notes:  Easy to roast, a little chaff heavy. Roasts just slightly two toned. If shooting for those wonderful light roasts, make sure everything is a little through first crack. A longer setup is not necessary, these beans present nicely even 12 hours later. After 4-5 days, loses a bit of floral/fruity factors but the cup will be richer and smoother.



Mexican Terruño Nayarita Washed Processed SHG EP

This is an excellent fresh lot from Terruno Nayarita. New 2022 crop! One of the most trackable and sustainable Mexican coffees (and tasty!) . one of our first relationship coffees here at Burman, we have been working with them for going on 17 seasons now. Be sure to   check out all the information at trackyourcoffee.com. This is lot GTN7502001

Want to know why we think Terruño Nayarita is so cool? Check out our new blog post about them. 

This is a farm that holds a special place in our hearts. Gathered around an extinct volcano, Cerro San Juan, a committed group of 260 cooperative coffee farmers are working together to produce arguably the best coffee in Mexico. Terruño Nayarita coffees come from heirloom trees. The word ‘Terruño’ means ‘homestead’. These are farmers that take great pride in their coffee.

San Cristobal Coffee Importers takes great care to find and produce excellent coffee, making sure farmers use safe, sustainable shade techniques and provide a fair wage to the workers. Check out their webpage:
San Cristobal

Tasting Notes:

Always one of our favorite Mexican coffees . A little fuller bodied than most lots, good sweetness and full of a floral nutty chocolaty tones. Lighter roasts add some cool floral but risk some underdeveloped notes if way light. Medium to just before 2nd crack will produce smooth defined and balanced cups. Darker roasts get edgy and strong, smoky nutty and bakers chocolate tones which some will definitely like as well

Roasting Notes:
Tasty from light to dark but I would shoot for a nice medium roast to start. A little bit of a rougher cup into second crack but very chocolaty with just a hint of a floral aromatics, a smoky finish. A bit more delicate, sweeter and smoother at lighter roasts. A good bean to play with different roast levels. Even roasting with medium to low chaff.


Rwanda Dukunde Kawa Musasa FT – Washed Ruli Mountain Bourbon

New 2022 Crop!

Finally the Musasa project started separating out Ruli coffee, in the past Ruli coffee has always been a notch above the rest in my book – some of my favorite lots of Rwanda have been from Ruli.

Rwanda FT Dukunde Kawa Musasa Ruli is sourced from family owned farms organized around the Musasa mill located near a gorilla habitat in the Gakenke district of Rwanda. Farmer plots are so small that measurements are based on the numbers of trees, not area of land.

Farmers who process their coffee at the Musasa mill are members of the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative, which started in 2000 with enough funds to build one wet mill. In the following years, the Dukunde Kawa Cooperative has built three more wet mills and completed construction of their own dry mill. More than 80 percent of the cooperative workforce is women, and producer-members have used earnings to improve their standards of living with investments in livestock, access to healthcare, and programs to protect the environment.

Tasting Notes:
Medium to full bodied, very clean and chocolaty with some nice fruity overtones. Lighter roasts will have a little citrus and floral aspect and more of a noticeable soft fruit tone, hints of a chocolaty spice factor. Good cup for lighter roast fans. Medium roasts get great balance and should work nicely for all taste buds, smoother with more pronounced sweet edged dark tones, lower acidity.  Even at a strong medium roast one starts getting chocolate versus fruit. On the stronger side once you get close or hit second crack, much more semi-sweet spicy chocolaty tones with smoky accents.

Roasting Notes:
Good at almost any roast, would start where you personally tend to enjoy coffees, a medium roast is great if unknown. Easy to roast, even roasting with medium to low chaff.



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