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Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Colombian BCT Premium Huila Timana,
Brazil Premium Natural Fazenda Primavera,
Indian Mysore Nuggets – Extra Bold

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Jon’s coffee special features our three most popular coffees.
This bundle includes:

Colombian BCT Premium Huila Timana

A very tasty aggregate lot from a micro region in Huila called Timana. Although some of our past Huila offerings have most likely contained some Timana beans, this straight chop out of Timana is fantastic.

All grown above 1600m (high altitude) and consisting of 2 Arabica strains; Colombia and Cattura.

Created by our favorite Kona expert Mr. Stewart (who also has some awesome Colombian buddies), he was also behind our older Colombian Dulima offerings if you liked those.

Tasting Notes: A very nice super clean Huila cup! Buttery textured and complex; strong semi-sweet traditional walnut/chocolate tones balanced with with a little brightness and soft fruit tones.

Roasting Notes: Easy to roast; a nice medium roast is where these beans will shine. Works at light and/or dark roasts but looses a little balance. Light roast will have much more floral and soft fruit balanced with a dry nutty, dark roasts are much thicker and bittersweet, low acidity and nutty/chocolaty/smoky type profile.

Brazil Premium Natural Fazenda Primavera

We knew it was only a matter of time; Fazenda Primavera won the recent pulped natural cup of excellence for Brazil, the #1 spot. It was a Pulped Natural Geisha (that ended up selling for $140/lb). Really shows the quality of the operation. Although this is not the winning COE  lot, it is a fantastic high scoring Red Catuai which they took great care to produce.

Following his father’s footsteps, producer Ricardo Tavares has dedicated his life to the coffee industry. As an innovator, he promotes and supports new coffee practices.

I first met Ricardo Tavares about five years ago and have since been stuck on his coffee. Coffee is in this man’s blood and one can see his passion within minutes of talking with him. Although he is mostly in with Brazil’s larger farming models, he had worked over the last 5 years to bring a very boutique edge to some smaller lots, working with guys like top-end Panamanian farmer and processor Garciano Cruz to improve their smaller high-end lots.

Fazenda Primavera is located in the municipality of Angelândia, Minas Gerais. The farm altitude is between 1000 to 1050 meters above sea level, which promotes the cultivation of specialty coffee.

Furthermore, the climate also provides favorable conditions with average temperatures between 68 and 75 °F annually and precipitation of 3 to 4 ft. Fazenda Primavera has state of the art installations including a very large drying patio, 14 electric dryers, and equipment for processing fully washed coffees. The farm cultivates predominately Red and Yellow Catuaí (95%), but it is slowly introducing new varieties such as Novo Mundo. The farm certificates include Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Minas Coffee and Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association.

Tasting notes:
A wonderful lot and a great single origin drinker. Very clean cup, a soft acidity at lighter roasts gives a sweet floral edge balancing with a hint of soft fruit and a little chocolaty edge; a little nuttier as the cup cools. Medium roasts start bringing forth a little nuttier profile with less of a floral aspect. Right around second crack was smooth and a bit fuller bodied, nutty/caramel/chocolate with just a hint of caramel, floral and fruit in the aromatics but not in the cup. A sweet edge to this coffee no matter the roast level.

Roasting Notes:
One almost cannot screw it up. Clean enough with good depth of flavor and sweetness to please a lighter roast drinker. Lighter roasts will be the only ones with a little acidity to them. Medium roast is the most balanced, great mix of soft fruit and caramel/chocolaty undertones. Dark roasts are great for a darker roast fan, on the sweeter side with minimal sharpness and smoky chocolate-like cup profile.

Indian Mysore Nuggets – Extra Bold

Year in to year out, this is always one of our most popular coffees, at times we have trouble keeping it in stock! New 2018/19 Crop!

Mysore coffees are the best known and the most popular of all Indian coffees, they posses good body and snappy acidity. The overall taste profile is very unique, with spicy overtones. These spicy overtones come from the cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and pepper that grow alongside the coffee trees.

This lot is full bodied, with a rich full taste and moderate acidity. Very interesting and exotic, I like to roast this coffee a little darker, just into the second crack.

Tasting Notes:
Indian Mysore Nuggets have been a favorite of Burman Coffee and customers for many years and this crop does not disappoint. The aroma is nutty, woody, and some slight smokiness. Many of the notes in the aroma come through in the flavor like walnuts and some smoke. There’s dark fruit, oak, licorice, and some vanilla spice, like a good dry red wine. The finish has a subdued brightness to it with just hints of lemon zest at lighter roast points. The body is medium to full depending on roast and brew. There’s a reason people keep coming back to this bean. It’s a smooth all around great stronger cup of coffee.

Roasting Notes:
We recommend roasting this bean at a medium to dark roast. Too light and the brightness is too dominate, too dark you will lose its depth of flavor.

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