3 lb bundle: peaberry


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:
Guatemalan Huehue Finca Vista Hermosa Premium Peaberry
Papua New Guinea – Kimel Estate Peaberry
Tanzania Washed CPU Peaberry

Peaberries are unique, they come on all coffee trees but are a bit of a rarity. In a coffee cherry, usually there are two seeds, they grow against each other creating the “flat” side of the coffee. Occasionally there is only 1 seed, it will grow rounder and a bit denser, this is called a peaberry.

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Peaberries are unique, they come on all coffee trees but are a bit of a rarity. Some offerings do not screen them out, others do. In a coffee cherry, usually there are two seeds, they grow against each other creating the “flat” side of the coffee. Occasionally there is only 1 seed, it will grow rounder and a bit denser, this is called a peaberry.

This bundle contains 1 pound each of:

Guatemalan Huehue. Finca Vista Hermosa Premium Peaberry

We have been friends with the award winning Finca Vista Hermosa almost as long as we have been working in coffee. The background of the farm, the meticulous growing and processing practices, the empowerment of the workers (and their neighbors) is all top notch. The farm has been in the family for three generations and is one of the few that survived the Guatemalan revolution, not by luck, but because of how they treated their workers and the respect they have gained in the Mayan community.

Tasting Notes: Tasty from light to dark. Lighter roasts do have some acidity, not over the top but noticeable. A little lemony winy factor up until a strong medium roast. Light roasts are a bit higher acidity and more floral, risks a little grassy right at first crack but develops some winy soft fruit complexities like traditional Guats arounda city +. The malty undertones are present at the lighter roasts but overpowered by the more citric/winy character. As one pushes towards a medium roast, the cup really builds some good body and rich dark tones, retaining just a hint of citric that adds some good sweetness and depth to the cup. Holds up nice dark roasted as well, the smoky malty tones are always a favorite combo.

Roasting Notes: An easy bean to roast, tasty from light to dark, pretty even roasting, lower chaff. Recommend starting around the medium roasts and adjusting to personal taste preference, want more strength and dark tones, roast a little darker, want more floral and winy character in the cup, try it a little lighter.

Papua New Guinea – Kimel Estate Peaberry
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Papua New Guinea “The Wild West Of Coffee Production”
Papua New Guinea Carpenter Estates Coffee

Before we found some personal friends in Papua New Guinea, this is the coffee we used to rely on. Awesome folks even though at the time we had never met them. One of the few Estate produced coffees (a bit smaller than Carpenter) and located just a couple miles down the road.

A couple years back times were rough with Kimel, PNG is a tribal land and not all the tribes get along all the time. To have an estate in PNG means you have to have an open environment between the tribes living/working on or near the estate. Unfortunately Kimel had a rough couple of years due to some tribal conflicts and coffee production and quality wavered pretty good. This is when we started working direct with Carpenter Estates and found some absolute gems of beans. When I got this years Kimel PB sample though some friends, we couldn’t help but to pick it up. Great screen, clean cup profile. A bit milder and sweeter than last years Sigri. Plus it got here earlier, our Carpenter Estate beans are still about a month away.

Tasting Notes: 
Medium bodied, low acidity and a clean cup. Perfect example of what a premium PNG should taste like. Not super jazzy but great prep and carries the tastes PNG fans are looking for. Smooth chocolate, bigger body and low acidity. Hard not to enjoy this cup. Lighter roasts are milder and sweeter, not quite the heft of the medium to dark roasts but tasty. Medium roasts bring out a bigger body and stronger chocolaty tones, turns a bit more semi-sweet as one gets real close to 2nd crack. Dark roasts get smoky and thicker with a little bitter edge to it.

Roasting Notes:
Although traditionally PNG coffees are taken a little darker, go a shade lighter that you think. We thought a city + roast was wonderful. Smooth, sweet and more down the milk chocolate alley. Maybe a little hint of acidity lighter but with a 2-3 day setup, it will be gone. Darker roasts work great with this bean but turn it stronger, loses its delicate tones and shows more Indo style tones into 2nd crack.

Tanzania Washed CPU Peaberry

Tanzania Washed CPU Peaberry is sourced from a group of 235 family-owned farms located in the Mbozi district within the Songwe region of Tanzania. Producers harvest and deliver cherry to the CPU (central processing unit) where the coffee is depulped, fermented, washed and dried. The CPUs have been established in the last three years to provide producers with a centrally located processing facility that can process coffee more consistently and ensure better quality, which results in better prices from the international market. The rounder shaped peaberry, formed from the maturation of one seed per cherry rather than the typical two seeds, is meticulously sorted during the milling process for its distinct flavor profiles.

This is a very nice and clean aggregate, a perfect example of what Tanz coffee tastes like. Decent prep, some small beans, clean cupping and tasty.

Tasting Notes: Rich, clean and chocolaty, Tanz coffee is always high on our go to list for stronger chocolaty coffee. At light to medium roasts once will see a more gentle cup with a little sweeter edge and a hint of acidity and spice. Darker roasts get much fuller bodied and bring out the strong bakers chocolate edge balancing nicely with the spice note and roasty tones.

Roasting Notes: Medium to dark roasts are preferred and let the cup shine. Light roasts although tasty do risk a little grassy tone before city+. We found a quicker roast accentuates some of the sweeter tone and crispness which was a good thing.


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