3 lb Bundle: Dark


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Brazil Mogiana 17/18
Uganda RFA Org. Sipi Falls Bugisu
Tanzanian CPU Peaberry

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BCT’s coffee special includes three of our best dark roast coffees. Featuring our:

Brazil Mogiana 17/18
Many will like it as a single origin drinker but this can be used as an awesome blend base. Pretty neutral tasting and adopts flavors blended into it easily.

Brazil Mogiana 17/18 is produced by farmers organized around cooperatives in the Mogiana growing region split between the states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Brazil. The Mogiana region is the most renowned of three major Brazilian growing regions. This region has rolling hills and uneven terrain lending to farms that are small to medium in size. As the world’s largest coffee producer, Brazilian lots often come from larger estates that use highly mechanized processing strategies to manage larger volumes. Our current offering is Fine Cup (FC) and Strictly Soft (SS), the highest cup category in the Brazilian coffee grading.

Tasting notes:
The aroma is very nutty and sweet. There was a surprising hint of smoke on the palate. Full bodied and low acidity – this is a traditional tasting Brazil – thick, creamy, nutty and semi-sweet. At the darker roasts a very sweet first taste, almost a little fruity, and then quickly turns darker-toned with a bakers chocolate and slightly toasted walnut flavor. Great blend base for espresso or adding body with darker tones.

Roasting Notes:
Avoid light roasts with it being decently lower acidity, cup comes together at a medium roast and tastes very nice into the darker roasts. For blending, we suggest right at the 2nd crack or darker for neutral taste and good body. For single origin drinking, we would suggest more in the medium roast range for a bit mellower and sweeter cup.

Uganda RFA Org. Sipi Falls Bugisu
Coming from family owned farms located in the Bugisu region on the slopes of Mount Elgon in the Kapchorwa district, Uganda.  The Bugisu region is named after the Bugisu people who are indigenous to this area.  The Sipi Falls coffee project, named after a trio of majestic waterfalls, was established in 1999 to strengthen quality coffee production in the region and create a sustainable income for farmers.

Tasting Notes: A nice clean and balanced cup, medium bodied and lower acidity for an African. Lighter roasts will still be a little citric and floral balanced with a semi-sweet chocolaty undertone with very little of that traditional African spice note. Medium roasts mute up the acidity and leave a little hint of a floral and developing a little soft fruit tone mixing with a smoother chocolate tone. Darker roasts pick up some nice complimentary roasty tones mixing with more of a bakers chocolate semi-sweet note.

Roasting Notes: Medium to dark roasts were the way to go, clean and smooth, very drinkable with a sweeter edge to it. Lighter roasts added a little bit of floral but reduces the chocolaty edge to just a hint. Dark roasts were very nice as well, smoky and chocolaty, a bit more potent of a cup.

Tanzanian Washed CPU Peaberry
Tanzania Washed CPU Peaberry is sourced from a group of 235 family-owned farms located in the Mbozi district within the Songwe region of Tanzania. Producers harvest and deliver cherry to the CPU (central processing unit) where the coffee is depulped, fermented, washed and dried. The CPUs have been established in the last three years to provide producers with a centrally located processing facility that can process coffee more consistently and ensure better quality, which results in better prices from the international market. The rounder shaped peaberry, formed from the maturation of one seed per cherry rather than the typical two seeds, is meticulously sorted during the milling process for its distinct flavor profiles.

This is a very nice and clean aggregate, a perfect example of what Tanz coffee tastes like. Decent prep, some small beans, clean cupping and tasty.

Tasting Notes: Rich and chocolaty, Tanz coffee is always high on our go to list for stronger chocolaty darker roast coffee. At light to medium roasts once will see a more gentle cup with a little sweeter edge and a hint of acidity and spice. Darker roasts get much fuller bodied and bring out the strong bakers chocolate edge balancing nicely with the spice note and roasty tones.

Roasting Notes: Medium to dark roasts are preferred and let the cup shine. Light roasts although tasty do risk a little grassy tone before city+. We found a quicker roast accentuates some of the sweeter tone and crispness which was a good thing.

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