3 lb Bundle: Special


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Burundi JNP Ngozi Bourbon – Bahire – Washed Processed
Tanzania Kilimanjaro Ngila Estate Peaberry
Ethiopian Guji Org. Natural Gr. 1 – Kayon Mountain Shakiso

Features three of our more interesting coffees. Higher acidity, fruitier slow dried naturals, this bundle is leaning towards more exotic coffee tones.

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Garry’s coffee special features three of our more interesting coffees. Higher acidity, fruitier slow dried naturals, this bundle is leaning towards more exotic coffee tones.

A pound each of:

Burundi JNP Ngozi Bourbon – Bahire – Washed Processed

Jeanine Niyonzima-Aroian, the founder of JNP Coffees, is without a doubt one of the most influential individuals in Burundi coffee today. Raised in Bujumbura, Jeanine would go on to earn an MBA from Northwestern University’s prestigious Kellogg School, cycle through corporate America, and eventually reconnect with her birth country by founding Burundi Friends International, a not-for-profit that funds educational and economic empowerment programs for rural Burundians, which is now in its 13th year.

After a few years marketing Burundi coffees stateside for friends and family, Jeanine realized she had every reason to lead the business, and JNP Coffee was born. JNP Coffee is highly focused on women’s empowerment, and along with a few local women’s rights advocates, formulated the Burundi chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance. The network of IWCA farmer members in Burundi is now more than 2,000, whose coffee is differentiated by membership, marketed for its traceability and impact, and which generates end-of-year premiums for all involved. In fact, the IWCA value chain has been so impactful that JNP has created additional programs to expand their farmer base and generate premiums not just for women farmers, but for everyone involved. Producer groups of women and men alike, such as this one, can qualify for JNP’s new “DushimeTM” program, which delivers the same kind of post-harvest premiums as IWCA has since 2013. It seems they can’t expand fast enough.

Coffee grown in Ngozi Province has a special meaning for Jeanine, as that is where her mother grew up. Memories of her mother, leading the family’s coffee harvest to cover school fees, are woven into the name for this coffee. Bahire in Kirundi is a kind of well-wishing given to others that roughly translates to “be well, successful, prosperous, happy”. Bahire is a micro-community of smallholders selected from within one of JNP’s larger communities, Bavyeyi, thanks to their unique terroir. The producer group works closely with JNP Coffee’s trained Q Graders in Burundi on best quality practices and lot curation.  Fully washed processing for members of the Bahire group is as detailed as anywhere in Burundi where the best coffees are produced. Cherry is floated for density and visible defects prior to depulping and under-water fermentation. After fermentation is complete the wet parchment is sorted by density in concrete washing channels. Drying takes place at first under shade, and then in open air with the parchment piled into pyramids, which are flattened and re-shaped each day as a form of incremental air exposure to slowly and evenly dry the coffee and lock in the final moisture. The resulting profile is exceedingly clean, bright and delicate. 

Tasting Notes: A lovely coffee, smooth and clean with a bit stronger and more potent and spice tones, especially when compared to most Central American coffees. Reminds me almost of a Kenyan like cup. Lighter roasts show some small hints of a lemony acidity, a little soft fruit tone accompanied with some herbal spice  and chocolate tones, a bit exotic but balanced. Light roast African fans will find some joy here but for most, pushing the beans into a medium roast will be preferred. Mellowed the spice tones of the cup creating a much smoother lower acidity cup profile with a little sweeter edge. One can still get the spice complexities especially in the aftertaste or as the cup cools but smooth, rich and not too exotic, a lovely roast point for a daily drinker. Darker roasts picked up stronger smoky and roasty tones but it complimented the darker spice tones and sweeter edge of the cup.

Roasting Notes: An easy coffee to roast, beautiful processing with medium to low chaff. we would recommend taking it a bit past first crack at a minimum. Right at first crack can pull some grassy herbal notes but it will not take too much more development to turn those tones into wonderful rich and chocolaty tastes instead. Can still be a little sharper edged 24 hours after roasting but by day 3 was very smooth and defined.

Tanzania Kilimanjaro Ngila Estate Peaberry

Kilimanjaro mountain is located in the northern Highland region of Tanzania. The member farmers benefit from the rich fertile volcanic soils and microclimates in the region to grow coffee and other food crops like bananas, maize, and beans.

Coffees are picked ripe, sorted, and depulped, then fermented underwater for 72 hours before being washed and dried on raised beds for 11–14 days.

The lowest and highest elevations in all of Africa are in Tanzania, the floor of Lake Tanganyika (352 meters below sea level) and Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 meters above sea level) are both located in Tanzania.

Variety: Kent, Bourbon
Elevation: 1630 – 1750 masl

Tasting Notes: A lovely example of a Tanzanian peaberry coffee. Great from light to dark. A milder and smoother version of its Kenya/Burundi/Rwanda cousins. Hints of acidity at the lighter roast points, nutty, caramel and chocolaty tones mixing with some floral and citrus, a wonderful combination of flavors. Medium roast are very smooth and chocolaty with a sweet edge, pops a couple cool spice notes into the cup with the acidity reduction.  Touching or just into 2nd crack gets full bodied with a cool sweeter smoky note mixing in to the stronger spicy chocolate cup profile, retains its smoothness. Although this Tanz is high rated and holds lighter roasts, we always love dark roast Tanz coffee, an awesome treat.

Roasting Notes: Lighter roasts need extra setup, I would say 2-3 days, or it will come off pretty sharp with a hint of grassy. Medium to dark, real easy with very little concerns. Roasts nice and even, medium to low chaff.

Ethiopian Guji Org. Natural Gr. 1 – Kayon Mountain Shakiso
First new crop 2021/22 Ethiopian natural arrival! Kayon Mountain has become a tradition around here, marks one of our favorite times of the year, new Ethiopian season! Beautiful coffee and screen.

The Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm is 500 hectares with about 300 hectares planted in coffee and has been owned and operated by Ismael Hassen Aredo and his family since 2012. It is located 510 kilometers south of Addis Ababa, and the property crosses the border of two villages—Taro and Sewana—located in the Oromia region, in the Guji zone of the Shakiso district of Ethiopia.

Ismael oversees a staff of 25 permanent full-time and 300 seasonal employees, and the farm management offers free transportation services as well as financial support for building schools and administration buildings for the community. The farm competes with a nearby mining village for seasonal workers, so Ismael and his family tend to pay higher wages to their pickers in order to incentivize them returning year after year.

Tasting Notes:
Clean, bright, sweet with a very diverse flavor set. Stone and darker fruit, citrus & floral, and spiced chocolate tones are the main flavors one can see in this cup, either accentuated or muted depending on roast level. Nice jammy body will be seen in the medium to borderline dark roast mark. Very dependent on roast – lighter roasting gives much more of the citrus, red-fruit with just a hint of a spicy chocolaty factor, a much dryer finish. Darker roasts produce much more of a bakers chocolate cup with a hint of a strawberry like fruit note and good sweetness, far less acidic. A very enjoyable cup from light to dark.

Roasting Notes:
Classic natural processed, fairly even roasting (one can see a couple shades but they are close to each other) with high chaff. We liked it best right around a medium roast – not as bright or floral but developed a real nice fruit versus chocolate profile. Many lighter roast fans will like to take it lighter – 2 out of 6 here who tried it did like the lighter roasts better – super dark roasts will get pretty edgy but have very nice aromatics and a strong chocolaty smoky cup profile.


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