3 lb Bundle: Popular


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Guatemalan Premium Antigua Los Volcanes
Colombian Supremo Medellin
Honduran Org SHG EP COMSA Washed Processed

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Jon’s coffee special features three of our most popular coffees.
This bundle includes:

Guatemalan Premium Antigua Los Volcanes

New 2022 crop! 

Although many of our Guatemalan coffees end up coming from Huehue or Fraijanes (for its all about who you know, and we know some of the best in Huehue and Fraijanes), the region of Antigua is what made Guatemalan coffee famous. The most recognized of the Guatemalan regions producing premium coffee. Many would default to saying Antigua is the best… but those are also folks who don’t know our buddy Edwin from Finca Vista Hermosa in Huehue or the Prentice family behind Finca De Dios in Fraijanes. This is a lovely tasting and great example of Antigua coffee, well worthy of our list.

This cup comes from family-owned farms located near the city of Antigua between volcanoes named Agua (water) and Fuego (fire) within the department of Sacatepequez, Guatemala. Coffee produced in the Antigua region has a protected designation of origin (PDO) because of Antigua’s renowned coffee reputation. Coffee is traditionally grown in this region under a canopy of grevillea trees and native shade trees called chalum (ingas).

Tasting Notes: A great super fresh example of Antigua coffee, follows those wonderful floral versus chocolaty notes that made the region so famous. Medium roasts are recommended but good from light to dark. Lighter roasts will accentuate the lemony floral tones of the cup, the chocolaty factor will be just a hint but noticeable and smooth, a bit of nuttiness will linger in the aftertaste not present in further roast levels. Medium roasts are very clean and balanced – not too acidic, not too bitter – sweet edged and will have wonderful mix of tones. Darker roasts and smooth and semi-sweet, low acidity and very chocolaty.

Roasting Notes: Medium to dark roasts are where this bean will shine but clean enough to be tasty light to dark. Light roasts are just a bit sharp and don’t have time to develop those lovely chocolaty notes. Easy bean to roast and play around with.



Colombian Supremo Medellin

Colombia continues to turn out some of the best coffees in the world and this Medellin is no exception.  Medellin is located 5,000 ft. above sea level and is superbly situated in the Andes Range (where all the great Colombians come from).  Medellín is known as “La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera” or “City of the Eternal Spring” because of the pleasant spring-like climate it enjoys all year. This is a beautiful super fresh Colombian offering. 17/18 screen Supremo.

Tasting Notes:
The aroma is sweet, freshly cut cedar, spicy, with a touch of cocoa.  The body is medium/full and has a mild and pleasant acidity.  The flavor is very dependent on the roast.  At a Medium Roast, you will enjoy soft notes of walnut, cedar, and spice, brighter acidity, with more of a baker’s chocolate finish.  Darker roasts will bring out more caramel sweet flavors and hints of a dried dark fruit.

Roasting Notes:
This bean is very versatile when it comes to roasting; great from light to dark. Be sure to try different roast points for it will greatly vary what flavors are accentuated.  Enjoy a brighter morning cup at a City Roast or take it into an afternoon/evening coffee by roasting it from a Full City to a French roast.


Honduran Org SHG EP COMSA Washed Processed

New 2021/22 crop!

In the year 2000, 62 Honduran coffee farmers joined together with a common goal to transform their farms from conventional to organic production and formed COMSA (Cafe Organico Marcala, S.A). In 2001, fostered by a foundation called Funder, COMSA earned their organic certification from Bio Latina which has enabled them to market their coffee to more international buyers and realize better selling prices for their coffee. In February 2006, COMSA then applied for and was granted Fair Trade certification status. COMSA uses the Fair Trade price premium to fund many social projects including paying teachers’ salaries and purchasing school supplies.

Tasting Notes: This cup is nice and chocolaty, lower acidity and medium bodied. A little sweeter edge to it except for super dark roasts. Besides a chocolaty factor one will get some nutty/caramel/floral like tones at the medium roast points, gives it some nice complimenting depth without being too exotic. We all thought it was at its best right around a full city – smooth without too much of a roasty note and great chocolaty tones.

Roasting Notes: Easy to roast. I would avoid light roasts, gets a little under developed chocolate note. Medium roasts have nice balance, a little hint of acidity and more nutty/caramel like tones. Past a medium roast, turns into a nice everyday drinker



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