3 lb Bundle: Dark


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes:

Peru Org. Cajamarca El Cautivo
Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Tempesi Gr. 1 Wet-hulled
Nicaraguan Org SHG EP Santa Lucila

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BCT’s coffee special includes three of our best dark roast coffees. Featuring our:

Peru Org. Cajamarca El Cautivo
First new crop Peru offering! Coming from family-owned farms located in the region of Cajamarca, Peru. The coffee is harvested by indigenous families on farms averaging 4 hectares in size. Farmers strive to protect the environment where they live through responsible water management practices, application of organic fertilizer, and shade grown farming.

Tasting Notes: A nice super fresh classic tasting Peru coffee! Great from a medium to dark roast. A bit more acidity being so fresh, light to medium roasts will have a bit of lemony floral tones upfront, mellows greatly as you get closer to 2nd crack. Very chocolaty cup, medium bodied with a sweeter edge to it. The lighter you roast, the more sweetness the cup gets but also the more lemony floral – it will be a little too front loaded at the light roasts, only a hint and a wonderful addition at the medium roasts, almost non existent at the darker roasts. Dark roasts are more of a smoky baker’s chocolate profile but equally as tasty as a nice medium roast.

Roasting Notes: Medium to low chaff, easy to roast. We would suggest erring a little darker than lighter but as long as you get some development past first crack, a tasty treat. For everyday drinking, get a little sheen on the surface but no wet oil; after a couple days’ setup it has smooth and rich chocolaty notes with hints of a nutty factor, real gentle acidity.

Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Tempesi Gr. 1 Wet-hulled

A nice, fresh and tasty aggregate production coffee. First new crop Sumatra offering!

Sourced from many small holders in northern Sumatra and brought in by our buddies @ Cafe Imports, they do a wonderful job creating the classic Sumatra profile from a multitude of small lots. On average, producers cultivate coffee on 2.5 acres of land using their own micro-mills to depulp and dry coffee.

Tasting Notes: Full bodied with a creamy mouthfeel, low acidity and full of those wonderfully complex dark chocolate, peat moss, smoky tones and spice; an earthier terroir, on the strong side, stout like. A nice strong medium to dark roast coffee. Just touching 2nd crack gives a smoother mouthfeel and has a bit of sweetness upfront, darker into 2nd crack will turn thicker but also edgier and promote the smokier side of the profile. Great for Sumatra fans as a single origin drinker, or as a base to a strong and chocolaty blend.

Roasting Notes: As with most Sumatra coffees, the processing promotes a couple different shades in the roaster. It is normal to see some beans lighter than others. Make sure if shooting for the medium roasts, that you judge it from the lighter looking beans, important to get them all through first crack. When roasting darker, judge it by the darker looking beans for if they get too dark or burn, gets a little ashy tone in the cup.

Nicaraguan Org SHG EP Santa Lucila

A select group of individual producers in the municipalities of San Juan del Río Coco and Telpaneca with the same focus on quality and environmental responsibility needed help finding an international market. So they established COOPCAFE in 2016 with 88 producers. Through the cooperative members have been able to earn organic certification and build needed infrastructure like a central warehouse.

COOPCAFE collaborates with the Paguaga family for dry-milling services at Santa Lucila. The Paguaga family has their own award-winning coffee and vast experience preparing coffee for export. Santa Lucila has a cupping lab to help the cooperative with quality control before export. The result is a traceable community blend with a vibrant regional profile.

Tasting Notes: A very easy drinking super fresh coffee. Lighter roasts show slight hints of lemony floral brightness with a little sweeter edge, balanced with a bit dryer malty undertone. A clean cup with nice complexity, soft enough acidity to be an easy to drink daily coffee. Medium roasts reduced the acidity but retained a little floral tone, body (thickness) increased nicely and the cup lost its more delicate sweeter edge, replaced it with a complex strong malty tone with some smoky accents, still very smooth before 2nd crack, stronger smokier and edgier into 2nd crack.

Roasting Notes: Great cup from light to dark. Being an aggregate coffee, it roasts a little two toned but the differential is small, will cause no issues in any roaster, just something to expect. Lighter roasting make sure all the beans are through first crack, recommended to develop the roast at least a shade past first crack for light roasts or risk small hints of a grassy tone. Medium to low chaff.


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