3 lb Bundle: Decaf


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes: 
Decaffeinated Indonesian Sumatra Royal Select MWP
Decaffeinated Ethiopian Sidamo Natural MWP
Decaffeinated Peru Org. MWP

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A pound each of:

Decaffeinated Indonesian Sumatra Royal Select MWP

Sumatra coffee is what originally made me a believer of home roasting. Never had a good commercial cup Sumatra but when roaster correctly, boy is it one tasty cup!

Indonesian Sumatrans will be a bolder stronger cup of coffee, the aroma after roasting is very sweet with a hint of spice.

Tasting Notes:
Medium to full bodied and sweet, this is one stronger cup of coffee.  Very nice aroma of cinnamon and dark fruits with notes of incense.  Hints of dry herb and spice with just a smidgen of traditional Sumatra peat moss/smokiness.

Roasting Notes:
A medium to dark roast will suit this coffee well by accentuating the darker tones and body.

Decaffeinated Ethiopian Sidamo Natural MWP

A very tasty and fresh natural processed Ethiopian decaf.

The natural processing leaves a very fruit forward cup profile than shoots right through the decaf processing. A very cool lighter and sweeter toned cup.

MWP = Mountain Water Processed, a cool non-solvent based Mexican decaf plant with decent U.S. interest backing it.

The coffee was sourced from smallholders farmers in Ethiopia’s Sidama region. Drying coffee in the cherry, as was the case here, is the original tradition in Ethiopia. Natural or dry-process, fruit-dried or cherry-dried – however you prefer to talk about this style of ‘zero-process’ coffee post-harvest production, it all comes back to Ethiopia. While farmers across the globe still practice this method of letting the coffee fruit dry like raisins around the seed, it all started in here. It’s still common to see smallholder farmers drying their daily harvest on their porches or lawns across the country. Unlike much of the rest of the world, many of these farmers will then roast and grind their own harvest – Ethiopia is the world’s only coffee producing country whose volume of consumption equals its export.

Tasting Notes: Fruit forward and chocolaty with just a little hint of floralness. Very cool cup profile and close to the caffeinated profile mark. Low acidity with some decent body – a little jammy if you hit the roast on the head.

Roasting Notes: A lighter roast decaf, shoot for about half way between first crack and second crack. Does work a bit lighter or darker but too light and you can taste too much of the decaf processing, too dark and you lose that awesome fruit forward tone.

Decaffeinated Peru Org. MWP

New 2020/21 crop!

This is one tasty decaf! Very rich and smooth with a nice creamy chocolate undertone and very fresh! A hint of acidity gives the cup a crisp feel.

A very fresh sustainably sourced aggregate lot, a perfect blend of Peru beans to create a wonderfully balanced decaf cup. Peru coffees are beans anyone would like, traditional chocolaty notes, not too sharp or exotic, sweeter edged until the super dark roasts.

Tasting Notes:
A very chocolaty cup; smooth, clean, low acidity and medium bodied. It has a little caramel  tone mixing in around the medium roast mark. Although very low acidity this cup does have some floral tones upfront that liven it up a bit. Medium roasts and nice and smooth, darker roasts get semi-sweet and strong.

Roasting Notes:
Avoid really light roasts – one will taste more of the decaf processing than the beans themselves. We preferred a full city roast, which gave it that really nice chocolaty kick without burning out too much of the crisp lighter tones. Will work well from a city plus to french.  Be careful not to take it too dark; it will turn a little edgy into those darker roast points.


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