3 lb Bundle: Decaf


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes: 
Decaffeinated Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Royal Select MWP
Decaffeinated Nicaraguan Org MWP
Decaffeinated Brazil Sul De Minas- MWP

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A pound each of:

Decaffeinated Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Royal Select MWP
Sumatra coffee is what originally made me a believer of home roasting. Never had a good commercial cup Sumatra but when roaster correctly, boy is it one tasty cup!

Indonesian Sumatrans will be a bolder stronger cup of coffee, the aroma after roasting is very sweet with a hint of spice.

Tasting Notes:
Medium to full bodied and sweet, this is one stronger cup of coffee.  Very nice aroma of cinnamon and dark fruits with notes of incense.  Hints of dry herb and spice with just a smidgen of traditional Sumatra peat moss/smokiness.

Roasting Notes:
A medium to dark roast will suit this coffee well by accentuating the darker tones and body.

Decaffeinated Nicaraguan Org MWP
A great fresh batch of Royal Select MWP decaf!

Royal Select decafs are made from only 1st run screens of premium coffee – which greatly differentiates it from commercial coffee.

Mountain Water Processed is one of the newer large scale water processing plants in Mexico. Great for these beans for they did not have the super long travel times to the decaf plants.

Tasting Notes:
A very cool decaf. Very malty with good body and sweeter edge to it. Lighter roasting comes of a little grassy but medium to dark is a wonderful cup. Darker roasts will add some smoky tones but they tend to compliment the more malty cup profile.

Roasting Notes:
Avoid light roasts – Medium to dark will be the way to go. A little setup time helps it lose any sharper edges in the taste.

Decaffeinated Brazil Sul De Minas- MWP
A great super clean Decaf Brazil.

Hard to tell this one is a decaf!

This Brazil has a very fruity wet aroma. Medium bodied with a dark chocolate nuttiness. A smooth, rich, clean cup perfect for those decaf espresso drinks.

Great as a single origin Americana or Espresso, also works well in decaf espresso blends. Try it with our decaf Sumatra (15%) and our decaf Guatemalan (15%).

I found this coffee best roasted to a full city, just before the second crack. It is versatile, could be taken lighter or darker depending on your preference.

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