3 lb Bundle: Decaf


Three individual pounds, this bundle includes: 
Decaffeinated Colombian Royal Select MWP
Decaffeinated Brazil Sul De Minas – Serra Negra MWP
Decaffeinated Peru Org – Royal Select MWP

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A pound each of:

Decaffeinated Colombian Royal Select MWP

A nice and fresh lot of MWP decaf!

During the MWP (mountain water process), the green coffee is pre-soaked in water to expand the beans for caffeine extraction. The hydrated green coffee is then introduced to a unique solution of concentrated coffee solubles that draw out the caffeine while minimizing the loss of flavor compounds. Once the caffeine has been removed the green coffee is re-dried and re-bagged for transport, and the extract solution is filtered of its caffeine and recycled to be used again.

Tasting Notes: 
A good cup from medium to dark roasts. Fuller bodied, lower acidity, rich & clean cup with a fairly sweet edge. Nutty and chocolate tones dominate the cup profile, hints of a green tea like spice at lighter roasts. Smoky, slightly roasty tones poke out at the darker roasts. More nutty than chocolaty light-medium roasted, more chocolaty than nutty medium to dark roasted.

Roasting Notes:
MWP being soaked to remove the caffeine, provides very nice and even roasting. Very low chaff, and very easy to roast. Like all Colombians this is a versatile bean for roasting.  Darker roasts convey wonderful smoky tones and outstanding sweetness while lighter roasts (with decaf, avoid cinnamon roast points) will deliver a crisper cup.  A great coffee to experiment with at different roasting points to experience all this coffee has to offer.

Decaffeinated Brazil Sul De Minas – Serra Negra MWP

A great super clean Decaf Brazil. Hard to tell this one is a decaf!

Serra Negra, or “black mountain” is a Brazilian profile that captures the most classic profile from Minas Gerais, the growing region that includes Carmo de Minas. This coffee is designed to be a great workhorse offering from Brazil with a reasonable price that makes it a staple blend component.

Many use more neutral beans like this to create a house blend. Easily adopts anything blended into it. If looking for a half-calf, roast this one a bit darker and find a jazzy caffeinated to blend with it. We like Natural processed  ferment/fruity coffees in smaller percentages to contrast the darker Brazil tones. Something like Ethiopian Natural processed would make a tasty treat.

Tasting Notes:
Great as a single origin drinker but also works well in decaf espresso blends or half-cafs. Medium bodied, semi-sweet with fruitier aromatics and a dryer chocolaty/nutty undertone. Medium roasts are very smooth with a hint of sweetness, darker roasts are dryer with some smokiness.

Roasting Notes:
I found this coffee best roasted to a full city, just before the second crack. It is versatile, could be taken lighter or darker depending on your preference.

Region: South Minas
Variety: Boubon, Yellow Bourbon, Catimor, Catuai, Maracaturra, Maragogype, Typica
Altitude: 900–1200 masl
Proc. Method: Natural

Decaffeinated Peru Org – Royal Select MWP

This is one tasty decaf! Very rich and smooth with a nice creamy chocolate undertone and very fresh! A hint of acidity gives the cup a crisp feel.

A very fresh sustainably sourced aggregate lot, a perfect blend of Peru beans to create a wonderfully balanced decaf cup. Peru coffees are beans anyone would like, traditional chocolaty notes, not too sharp or exotic, sweeter edged until the super dark roasts.

Tasting Notes:
A very chocolaty cup; smooth, clean, low acidity and medium bodied. It has a little caramel  tone mixing in around the medium roast mark. Although very low acidity this cup does have some floral tones upfront that liven it up a bit. Medium roasts and nice and smooth, darker roasts get semi-sweet and strong.

Roasting Notes:
Avoid really light roasts – one will taste more of the decaf processing than the beans themselves. We preferred a full city roast, which gave it that really nice chocolaty kick without burning out too much of the crisp lighter tones. Will work well from a city plus to french.  Be careful not to take it too dark; it will turn a little edgy into those darker roast points.


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