Ethiopia is commonly known as the birthplace of coffee, and when villagers still collect wild beans from uncultivated coffee forests to this day, it is hard to refute.

Our green coffee beans from Ethiopia bring a clean, bright, sweet, and diverse flavor dependent on the roast. These coffees often have a higher acidity, a light to medium body, and sophisticated flavor notes. Known for their syrupy, velvet mouthfeel, Ethiopian coffees often feature citrus and floral flavors as well as peach, strawberry, or bakers chocolate.

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  • Ethiopian Kayon Moutain Circle Product Image

    Ethiopian Guji Org. Natural Gr. 1 – Kayon Mountain Shakiso

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  • Sale! Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Washed Gr. 1 Daniel Mijane Green Coffee Beans

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Washed – Gedeb Worka – Daniel Mijane Gr. 1

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  • decaf ethiopia sidamo

    Decaffeinated Ethiopian Guji – Natural Processed – Royal Select MWP

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  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Washed Gr. 2 Green Coffee Beans

    Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Worka Chelchele – Washed Gr. 2


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  • Sale! Ethiopian Guji Washed Grade 2 Guracho Green Coffee Beans

    Ethiopian Guji Washed 2 – Guracho

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  • Sale! Ethiopian Natural Harrar 4 - Queen City Green Coffee Beans

    Ethiopian Harrar Natural Gr. 4 – Queen City

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