Our green coffee beans are hand-picked to ensure that no matter where they’re coming from, you’re getting the best unroasted coffee beans in the world.

Bolivian coffee is known as delicate, brightly acidic with a classically clean taste, and often has a sweet, aromatic nature. Fruity notes range from lemon, apricot, apple, tangerine and pear. A hint of chocolate or caramel may be present.

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  • bolivia san juan

    Bolivian FTO Caranavi – San Juan Coop – Washed Processed

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  • Bolivian Premium Caranavi Apolo Cafe Kreyol Coffee Beans

    Bolivian Premium – Apolo – Chirimayo Indigenous Community- Cafe Kreyol

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  • bolivia manantial washed gesha

    Bolivian Presidential Coffee Winner #4 – Finca Manantial – Washed Gesha

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