Warming Wellness with Turmeric Blends

Loose leaf turmeric cider spice organic herbal infusion tea blend

Our Turmeric Cider Spice Org Herbal Blend has been popular for years, and nowadays when we all need our immune systems at peak performance, it is more important than ever to include daily health tonics like turmeric in our diets.


Wellness is not an absence of illness, but an abundance of vitality.  In these challenging and exhausting times, it is so important to be proactive about improving our health, strengthening our bodies’ natural defenses and boosting our immune systems. Especially as we move into winter, we should all start a new habit of mindfully consuming herbal infusions that invigorate and warm our bodies while amplifying our natural protections. Our novel Turmeric Blends are a fantastic addition to the daily diet of health-conscious flavor explorers, especially anyone who wants to lower their caffeine consumption – for a morning boost that is gentle and totally crash-free, try a hot cup of turmeric infusion instead of coffee!

An elegant plant related to ginger, turmeric is cultivated heavily in South and Southeast Asia and often associated with Indian cuisine, but actually it is very commonly used as food and medicine throughout every part of Asia and many Pacific islands.  Turmeric roots are rhizomatic (meaning they send out shoots that grow into new plants) and shockingly vibrant yellow.  The “active ingredient” is a chemical named curcumin, which is responsible for both the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities of turmeric and its intense color, similar to other antioxidants such as anthocyanins in blueberries or Kenyan Purple Tea.  But curcumin is only one among a palette of curcuminoids, plus a variety of compounds known as tumerones, all of which contribute to the invigorating and restorative power of this much-loved herb.

Turmeric root has a bright warm taste, something akin to black pepper plus a mild mustard.  It is powerfully yellow and makes an excellent dye (don’t spill it on white clothes!).  It has subtle warming and energizing qualities.

Our line of Turmeric Blends are an excellent daily health tonic that will build up your immune system while pleasing your palate.  Much more robust than supplements, whole herbs contain many synergistic compounds, not just isolated chemicals, and often yield better results.

A note about the health benefits of turmeric:  The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, is absorbed into the body much better when combined with piperine, a compound in black pepper.  It is very common to combine turmeric and black pepper, as in our Turmeric Cider Spice Blend, to enhance health benefits.  Other blends like Turmeric Peach Nectar and Turmeric Zest are meant to appeal to wider audiences, so they omit the black pepper in favor of more sweet spices and fruits, etc.  But if you would like to maximize the absorption of immune-boosting curcumin, you can just add a little bit of fresh-ground pepper to your cup! 

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