Check out our Tea x3 Sampler Bundles!

tea sampler bundle

Calling all flavor explorers! We are very excited to offer a new line of Tea Sampler Bundles – a great place to start for those who are just beginning their tea tasting adventure.

Each of these sampler bundles have 2oz each of 3 different teas and/or herbal infusions.

We start with the basics – our first line of Tea x3 Sampler Bundles include some of our most popular offerings, a wide variety of classic tastes. Some may be familiar to you, some may seem exotic – all are fantastic in their own unique ways. We are certain that you will love these teas and herbal infusions.

We will release many new sampler bundles in Oct-Nov 2020, so check back often!

Regional Teas:

China Sampler Bundle

India Sampler Bundle

Pacific Sampler Bundle

Specialty Teas:

Flavored Teas Sampler Bundle

Herbal Infusions:

Herbal Uplift Sampler Bundle

Is this your first step on an epic tea adventure? You may want to read more about Types of Teas and How to Steep the Perfect Cup of Tea. Be sure to get some Tea Making Tools as well!

Coming Soon!

Health Teas Sampler Bundle

Herbal Calm Sampler Bundle

Rooibos Blends Sampler Bundle

Turmeric Blends Sampler Bundle

and more

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