Tea x3 Sampler Bundle: Flavored Teas


The world’s most popular flavored teas, classics from Europe, Asia, and Africa.

3 packages of 2 oz each, total 6 oz:

Earl Grey Blue Mallow Blossom Black Tea

Jasmine Special Grade Green Tea

Moroccan Mint Green BCT Blend

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Our very first  Tea Sampler Bundle!

3 very popular flavored teas, classics from Europe, Asia, and Africa.  This bundle includes premium versions of 3 very distinct traditional flavored teas: bergamot-infused Earl Grey, our most adored flavored tea here at BCT; Special Grade Jasmine with its soft floral aroma; and robust Moroccan Mint, a special “double-mint” recipe that we blend in-house.

3 packages of 2 oz each, this bundle includes:


Earl Grey Blue Mallow Blossom Black Tea

Great for a morning pick-me-up, this strong tea with stimulating vapors, powerful flavors, and ample caffeine will grab your attention!

A well-loved classic, Earl Grey is arguably the most popular of all flavored teas. Bergamot oil comes from the peel of a small citrus cultivated mostly in Italy and lends a fantastic spicy-sour flavor as well as aromas which enliven the palate and sinuses. The blue mallow blossoms included in this special blend improve the color while also complimenting the bergamot with subtle lavender.

We recommend steeping this tea a little less than normal, as bitterness can interfere with the aromatics. It is traditionally served with a squeeze of lemon and a little sugar (not milk).

Steeping Time – 2 Minutes

Water Temp – 212 F

Whole leaf black tea, blue mallow blossoms, and bergamot.


Jasmine Special Grade Green Tea

This wonderfully aromatic jasmine tea produces a mild and sweet cup.

Inhale deeply and sip mindfully – the honey scent of jasmine calms the nerves and lifts the mood, while the light tea provides sweetness to amplify the floral tones with just a little astringency to leave a pleasant taste on the palate.

Steep gently for best results.

Steeping Time – 3 Minutes

Water Temp – 170

Whole leaf green tea, jasmine blossoms.


Moroccan Mint Green BCT Blend 

Now a new recipeblended right here at BCT!

A premium-quality interpretation of a classic North African preparation, this “double-mint” green tea will demand your attention with a strong amber cup bursting with flavor, sturdy green tea holding its own against powerful mints.

And this tea is a treat for all the senses! The tiny tea pellets unfold and dance in the teapot as they infuse astringent and bright green tones. The heady mint aroma is noticeable immediately. Two kinds of mint create a complex profile, and this blend is generous with both spearmint and peppermint – when sipped this tea produces a great cooling effect on the palate and the entire body.

This tea is at its best with sugar, you may also enjoy it with honey. Try it iced with lemon and a few fresh mint leaves, a perfect summer refreshment.

Steeping Time – 3 Minutes

Water Temp – 180 F

Gunpowder green tea, spearmint, peppermint and peppermint flavoring



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