Home Coffee Roaster User Guides
Nesco Professional Home Coffee Roaster

This home coffee roaster is no longer in production, it has been replaced by the Nesco Home Coffee Roaster.

Start by filling the roaster to the upper fill line. Make sure the back seal is connected to the top and not the tower, and that the top is well seated. Set the timer for 20 minutes the first time. Add more time and /or reduce the amount of coffee to the lower fill line if necessary for a darker roast. Keep the screen in the top clean. This roaster has a nifty smoke reduction system and is definitely the choice for those who don’t have adequate venting.

Yields enough for 15-20 cups per batch. If you’re having trouble getting a dark roast, try decreasing your batch size slightly.

With the Nesco, it is best to avoid small beans such as the Yemen Mocha.

More Roaster Use Notes:
All roasters are sensitive to your home voltage, so it helps to roast on a circuit that is not being used at the same time you are roasting. The time setting may vary so be sure and watch carefully, especially with a new roaster.

Keep in mind that these are home roasters, not commercial roasters, you will need to let them cool down between batches or you may trigger the thermal protection which requires the roaster to be reset by the manufacturer and may void the warranty.

Never leave the roasters unattended. Home coffee roasting is similar to frying bacon on your stovetop, it can and will burn if left unattended. If you want to stop the roast at any time, just hit the COOL button. Don’t turn it to off, the roasters are quite hot and require a cool cycle before handling.