So Many Awesome Burman Coffee Green Coffee Beans – Only One Lifetime!

It can be difficult to choose the best Burman Coffee Trader’s Green Coffee Beans for your personal taste and roast preferences, especially for beginning home coffee roasters.  We are here to help!

You might want to start with one of our 3 lb bundles.  Our Popular Bundle will have 3 of our currently most popular and best-selling coffees.  This bundle will always have coffees whose taste profiles are somewhat familiar to coffee lovers, but will be some of the finest premium coffees in the world.

Ready for something just a touch more exotic?  The Special Bundle will introduce you to taste profiles that you may not have experienced before if you have been drinking stale pre-roasted coffees all your life.  Like what you ask?  How about citrusy, floral, baker’s chocolaty, nutty?  Hmmm, yes, please!

But, you are a dark roast fan you say?  Ho, Ho, Ho, you will love the Dark Roast Bundle.  The coffees in this bundle will always be good dark roasters and for espresso, but, try them just a bit lighter than your usual very dark roast.  You will be surprised at the taste profiles you can identify at a dark roast when you start with the best green coffee beans on the planet and then drink the coffee at the height of its set-up time.  Earthy, smoky, Indian spice, thick, or creamy, anyone?

Okay, you are starting to know the taste and roast profiles that appeal to you and are ready to select individual coffees based on your tastes and experience.  Our coffee-list can help you identify which of our current awesome Burman Coffee Traders green coffee beans you might be interested in.  Scan down the full list to see a short description of each coffee.  You can click on the “more” button to get the full description and roasting and tasting notes.  But, here’s the best part, you can sort and filter by the characteristics you are interested in – for example – washed, natural, dark roast candidate, light roast candidate, sweet, fruity, or continent / country of origin.

And if you are looking for something specific or just like to talk about premium green coffee beans – call us!  We love to talk beans.

How do Burman Coffee Master Roasters store their freshly roasted coffee?

We recommend that you let your freshly roasted coffee ‘set up’ for 2 – 3 days to reach the peak of flavor.  Keep the beans dry and at room temperature.  We frequently just let them sit in an uncovered bowl or glass jar overnight or longer and then put them in a covered container.  Or you can put them in a plastic valve bag which will allow them to de-gas. Don’t put them in the freezer or the refrigerator as the freezer is too dry and the refrigerator is too moist.

Most importantly – be happy that you are now a Master Roaster who drinks her coffee at the peak of freshness!