The Peaberry is the rarity out of the three Toarco offerings, Indo plants just don’t throw off the amount of PB’s that many other countries have. Larger beaned and dense, awesome screen, this is a tasty offering, a little hard to justify the price over the AA but is a bit bolder in its tones. A wonderful cup.

Just about as unique as you can get for a Sulawesi. Thick and creamy but the flavor profile is very far from your average semi-washed Indonesian cup.

For years, this coffee was only available in Japan, as the estate is owned by the Japanese roaster Key Coffee. In recent years they have made it available to us. Established in 1976, this plantation has been undertaking a fully washed process that is unlike anything else produced in Asia. After the harvest, the cherry is stripped off by a mechanical de-pulper and the parchment is allowed to ferment overnight, with no water added. The next morning, the parchment is thoroughly rinsed in tile lined channels and laid out to sun dry. Every parcel is cupped five times between the patio drying and the final bagging. The plantation has a total of 530 hectares, and 300 hectares are planted.

Tasting Notes:
Crisp tones, slight citrus note with an aromatic hints of a light fruit tone that come through in the cup, full bodied, sweet and clean this is a stronger cup of a coffee! Just a bit of the classic Indo earthiness, I might link this coffee closer to an exotic Colombian than an Indo (which is way cool). Very nice rich chocolate tones (a little sweet malt/caramel as it cools) add to the mix of delicate flavors present in this cup. A slight smoky aftertaste can be picked up at the darker roast points. This is a must try for anyone who likes a real full bodied complex cup of joe!

Roasting Notes:
We enjoyed this Sulawesi at a darker roast, still nicely complex and balanced. Darker roast will promote that very thick and creamy cup but will mute most of the brightness which is pretty cool to have in the flavor profile.


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