In the year 2000, 62 Honduran coffee farmers joined together with a common goal to transform their farms from conventional to organic production and formed COMSA (Cafe Organico Marcala, S.A). In 2001, fostered by a foundation called Funder, COMSA earned their organic certification from Bio Latina which has enabled them to market their coffee to more international buyers and realize better selling prices for their coffee. In February 2006, COMSA then applied for and was granted Fair Trade certification status. COMSA uses the Fair Trade price premium to fund many social projects including paying teachers’ salaries and purchasing school supplies.

Tasting Notes: 
This cup is nice and chocolaty, lower acidity and medium bodied. A little sweeter edge to it before super dark roasts. A little hint of a nutty caramel like tone at the medium roast points but we all thought it was at its best right around a full city – smooth without too much of a roasty note and great chocolaty tones.

Roasting Notes: 
Easy to roast. I would avoid light roasts, gets a little under developed chocolate note. Medium roasts have nice balance, a little hint of acidity and more nutty/caramel like tones. Past a medium roast, turns into a nice everyday drinker.

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