South African Rooibos Herbal Chocolate Chai

Rooibos, ginger root, green cardamom, chocolate chips and chocolate flavor.

Vanilla and honey notes of this exceptional rooibos are complimented by cardamom and ginger plus a hint of chocolate.  Very little caffeine (chocolate chips contain a tiny amount).

Steeping Time – 4-6 Minutes

Water Temp – 212 F



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A warm, sweet, and lightly spicy blend of South African Rooibos with ginger, cardamom, and chocolate chips makes a rich velvety caffeine-free cup. Or, almost caffeine-free… real chocolate in this blend means small amounts of caffeine, but chocolate chips are relatively sparse – the focus is on the delicious rooibos, its vanilla and honey notes complimented by cardamom and ginger. Ginger stands at the front, making the mouth feel warm and a little zippy. Cardamom lends a cool airy compliment and highlights a hint of chocolate.

Go ahead and steep this tea generously, rooibos never gets bitter. For this review, we tried up to 2 tablespoons of leaves in one cup, steeped up to 20 minutes, and it was scrumptious! And, of course, you can always add more chocolate (and/or milk, foam, ghee, honey, caramel, liqueurs – rooibos loves it all!). A half-half mix of Herbal Chocolate Chai with regular hot cocoa makes a very yummy low-caffeine festive cup for Christmas morning or any family gathering.

Rooibos, or “red bush,” is native to the western coast of South Africa, and it has been harvested from the wild for millennia. Only recently has it been cultivated, but with a high reputation as a cheap and delicious caffeine-free tea alternative, in less than 100 years its popularity has spread to every continent. Rooibos is frequently used to substitute tea in herbal blends. The tiny leaves have a malty sweetness reminiscent of black tea, but also a variety of their own unique accents, with strawberry, honey, and vanilla notes, as well as earthy and tobacco undertones.

We are very happy to have found this premium variety from South Africa with particularly strong vanilla notes and a surprising sweetness – its really lovely! Check out this blog article to see all our Rooibos Blends!

Steeping Time – 4-6 Minutes

Water Temp – 212 F

Rooibos, ginger root, green cardamom, chocolate chips and chocolate flavor.

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