Guatemalan Coffee Blossom Honey – Finca El Apiario – Jorge Mendez – 12 oz jar

Single origin micro-lot honey produced by bees located on the Finca El Apiario coffee plantation in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.


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Jorge Mendez is the original single-origin producer of Coffee Blossom Honey from the legendary farm Finca El Apiario (“Honeybee Farm”). The bees primary nectar source are the blossoms on coffee trees that cover the mountainside after the coffee harvest season. The honey has delicate flavor characteristics similar to the coffee grown in this part of the world.  El Apiario honey exhibits a well-balanced body with brown sugar and vanilla aromas. Flavors of peach, chamomile, caramel, and orange are finished with delicate lavender notes.

This honey is very dense and during the winter months may arrive partly crystallized. Soaking the jar in warm water for 20 to 30 minutes will return it to a honey consistency.


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