Behmor 2000 AB Plus Manual

Tips on Using The Behmor Coffee Roaster :

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The Behmor 2000 AB Plus has a full one pound capacity and a smoke suppression system. It is considered one of the best values for a home coffee roaster but it takes a little experience to master.

Before you get started, watch our Behmor 2000 Plus Video tutorial!

Start by putting either a 1/4, 1/2 or full pound of green coffee beans into the drum. Pop the drum into the machine, make sure to put the chaff collector in after the drum. Plug in the machine and choose your settings.Its best to sieve all coffees before inserting the drum.

When choosing your settings make sure to pick the appropriate batch size.

Next, choose your heat setting, p1-p5 with p1 being the hottest setting and p5 being the coolest setting. I find myself mostly roasting with p2.

After that, choose your time setting, either A, B, C, and D. Some time settings are disabled with p1 and p2 to prevent burning of the green coffee beans. The times associated with A, B, C, and D change depending on the chosen batch size.

After you have chosen all the settings hit the roast button. You can always add time or take away time during a roast using the + and – buttons.

As with any roaster, make sure to hit the cool button when your desired roast is achieved or the machine is producing visible smoke.

When roasting the green coffee beans, make sure to keep an eye on the beans. The roast will progress slowly at first but become very rapid close to the end. You should be able to hear the cracks for the Behmor is a quiet roaster. With certain coffees, it is hard to tell first crack from the second crack, so make sure to hit the cool button if you see much visible smoke. The machine will hardly smoke until it hits the second crack. Be aware that the machine will continue roasting for 30-45 seconds after the cool button has been hit.

When roasting high chaff coffee or small bean coffee like the Yemen Mocha and Ethiopian Harrar in the Behmor, limit your batch size to ½ pound, and after adding the coffee to the drum, shake the drum and rotate over a plate or table to let most of the very small or broken beans fall out before inserting the drum into the roaster. The Behmor smaller bean drum will do better, but its best to sieve all coffees before inserting the drum.

Cleaning the Behmor is very simple, just vacuum out the chaff still in the machine when the roast is completed. Every 5-7 batches, make sure to run an empty cycle through the Behmor to clean the smoke reduction system.

If having trouble getting a darker roast try slightly reducing your batch size.

More Roaster Use Notes:
All roasters are sensitive to your home voltage, so it helps to roast on a circuit that is not being used at the same time you are roasting. The time setting may vary so be sure and watch carefully, especially with a new roaster.

Keep in mind that these are home roasters, not commercial roasters, you will need to let them cool down between batches or you may trigger the thermal protection which requires the roaster to be reset by the manufacturer and may void the warranty.

Never leave the roasters unattended. Home coffee roasting is similar to frying bacon on your stovetop, it can and will burn if left unattended. If you want to stop the roast at any time, just hit the COOL button. Don’t turn it to off, the roasters are quite hot and require a cool cycle before handling.

Behmor Advanced Features

See Jon’s Video demonstrating using Behmor’s Advanced Features


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