Coffee Grinding Guide

A Guide for Grinding Coffee Beans

Does the grind of your coffee really make that much of a difference? Absolutely it does! Before you conclude that your coffee is “too bitter” or “too weak” consider your grind. We’ve put together some helpful hints about what’s the best grind for your brewing method. These are just guidelines and not hard and fast rules.

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Grind Type: Coarse – Chunky. Similar to potting soil or bread crumbs. Recommended Brewing Methods: French Press. Cold Brew. Peculators. Cupping.

Grind Type: Medium Coarse – Less Chunky. A bit more than Kosher salt.
Recommended Brewing Methods: Chemex. Flat bottom drip machines.

Grind Type: Medium – Kosher salt or coarse sand.
Recommended Brewing Methods: Cone drip machines.

Grind Type: Medium Fine – Between Kosher salt and table salt.
Recommended Brewing Methods: Siphon Machines. Vacuum Pots. Pour Over. Aeropress.

Grind Type: Fine – Refined sugar or table salt.
Recommended Brewing Methods: Espresso. Moka Pot

Grind Type: Turkish – Very Fine. Powdered sugar. Flour.
Recommended Brewing Methods: Turkish Coffee

If you have a Baratza Virtuoso or Encore Coffee Grinder they have some great guidelines on their website for specific settings that are very helpful.

These are just general guidelines and everyone has their own personal preferences. Let us know if there’s a grind you like for a specific brewing method we missed or a grind you prefer.

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