A very tasty aggregate production (co-op called CBS) coffee coming from the Letefoho sub-district of the Ermera municipality in Timor.

Similar to much of Indonesian, Timor has its own strain of coffee that naturally crossed an Arabica strain with a Robusta strain creating a wonderful hybrid that has now been used around the world. Although this happened naturally in Timor, the idea behind this is currently saving the coffee industry. As climate  continues to change and world trade keeps expanding, coffee has been getting hit with a lot of disease and pests that Arabica plants are susceptible to but Robusta is not. These hybrid strains have been keeping the farms alive and over the years and they have really dialed in a unique and tasty cup with the strain over the years.

CBS has organized producers to achieve organic certification and to establish best farm management practices. CBS has also provided quality control training with the help of international development aid and increasing premiums from specialty coffee. Producers have also been able to make improvements to processing infrastructure, including the addition of drying structures that have greatly improved their ability to consistently meet quality standards for moisture content and water activity.

Tasting Notes: 
Similar to its Indonesian cousins (except washed processed), this cup is full bodied, low acidity with very cool darker toned complexity. The fuller roasts and where this cup shines – retains it sweetness and a little hint of soft fruit even when into 2nd crack; gets a little roasty but definitely compliments those strong chocolaty/molasses and smoky tones.

Roasting Notes: 
After drinking this cup at a multitude of roasts and curves, we though it worked best from a full city to dark roast. A quicker ramp up (roast higher temps for less time) left the cup a bit crisper and more interesting. If shooting for lighter roasting, would flip the curve and drag it out a bit to develop some darker tones at the light to medium roast levels. Easy to roast, great screen of coffee.

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