Papua New Guinea Plantation Peaberry is sourced from farms organized around the Siane Organic Agriculture Cooperative (SOAC) located in the Chuave district within the province of Chimbu, Papua New Guinea.  SOAC accesses the international coffee markets for farmers, creating greater earning capacity from direct trade relationships. SOAC also assist farmers with financing, coffee quality improvement, organic certification, and community based projects that promote gender equality and education.

Tasting Notes:
A little fuller bodied and darker toned cup of coffee. A small hint of an herbally earthiness (like a Sumatra) balanced with a semi-sweet chocolaty undertone. A cool floral spice aroma with a bit of spice coming through in the cup. Cleaner for a PNG coffee; a good everyday drinker. Similar to an Indonesian coffee but a bit cleaner being washed processed.

Roasting Notes:
Easy to roast, city to full city roasting to see this coffee shine – light roasts will be a little front loaded with acidity, dark roasts get a bit edgy. Anywhere in between will give a very smooth and defined cup. A quicker roast leaves it a bit sweeter and more floral while an extended roasts gives it more of a creamy body while muting up the floral aspect.


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