This is a farm that holds a special place in our hearts. Gathered around an extinct volcano, Cerro San Juan, a committed group of 260 cooperative coffee farmers are working together to produce arguably the best coffee in Mexico. Terruño Nayarita coffees come from heirloom trees. The word ‘Terruño’ means ‘homestead’. These are farmers that take great pride in their coffee.

This is the top screen-size/grade from the Terruño Nayarita Co-op.

San Cristobal Coffee Importers takes great care to find and produce excellent coffee, making sure farmers use safe, sustainable shade techniques and provide a fair wage to the workers. Check out their webpage:
San Cristobal

You can see the quality in the beans. Lighter bodied, a super smooth finish, a hint of brightness, and a sweet caramel tone. Similar in character to Island coffees.

Can be roasted up to a full city +, we think it’s best a little lighter.

Tasting Notes:
A very cool and unique Mexican coffee. A little fuller bodied than most years, good sweetness and a bit of a floral nutty caramel note. A bit lower acidity than previous crops which tends to make it shine at a little fuller roast level. The caramel notes tend to turn a bit more chocolaty close to the second crack.

Roasting Notes:
I would shoot for right before the second crack to just into it – a little bit of a rougher cup into second crack but nice chocolate notes with just a hint of a floral aspect. A bit sweeter and smoother right before the second crack but not quite as chocolaty.



  1. Hey 👋, I’m looking for a decent roast profile for The Mexican Terruño Nayarita for use in the gene cafe. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks so much!

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