Mzuzu Co-op workers washing coffee beans in Malawi

This is an AB Plus grade of coffee (bean size) from the Mzuzu Cooperative. Farms and producers who are considered a part of the Mzuzu Coop are primarily located in the northern districts of Malawi from Mzimba upwards. Most recently they have also begun supporting a number of smallholder projects in Central Malawi and more particularly in the Ntchisi East district, between the town of Kasungu and lake Malawi. There are approximately 2,700 small scale farmers working within these cooperative districts of which over 30% are women. This particular blend is brought together from five small districts, all near the western banks of Lake Malawi: Misuku Hills, Phoka HIlls, Viphya North, Nkhata Bay Highlands, and South East Mzimba. The coffees grown are a mixture of Catimor 129, Nyika Catimor and a small percentage of Geisha – inherited from the early days of the cooperative movement – and are all fully washed and sun dried.

Tasting notes:
This cup has a nice heavier body and creamy feel, a bit higher acidity this year then its been in the past. Citrus and floral with lighter fruit tones upfront and a real rich and smooth bakers chocolate and smoky undertone that can turn much stronger into the darker roasts (past/into second crack). Very clean cup, holds up to a bit lighter roast but most prefer it right before to touching 2nd crack. Gets much more of a caramel sweetness with just a hint of floral versus an pretty acidic but very clean light roast.

Roasting notes:
This is a complex cup of coffee. The taste will be highly dependent on roast. Good from light to dark. A little more exotic at the lighter roast points. Real big body, buttery and sweet into those darker roasts. Allow for a longer set up time when roasting light. It goes into the second crack quickly so you’ll want to keep a close eye in this one.

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