This is a top cupping lot from the Gatomboya coffee factory in Nyeri. Very tasty with some exotic acidic fruit notes upfront (grape/lemon/orange) and a strong classic and super clean chocolate spice undertone.

This cup is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Gatomboya Factory (wet mill) in Nyeri County, Kenya. The Barichu Farmers Co-operative Society Limited manages the Gatomboya Factory, which processes coffee from 600 members who generally cultivate approximately 250 coffee trees on half-acre plots.

Tasting Notes: 
Strong coffee. Kenyans are always a little more extreme in their tones and this cup is no exception. Higher acidity with a fuller body and heavy balanced darker tones. The brightness upfront really shines at the light to medium roasts, a purple/red grape skin like tone mixing with some floral and lemony acidity is quite the tasty treat. The acidity is balanced with a chocolaty factor but one that’s unique to Kenya, very spicy, almost a peppery/currant herbal chocolaty tone. The darker tones are greatly accentuated at the medium to dark roast levels, will turn a bit edgy into 2nd crack.

Roasting Notes: 
A Kenyan top lot is all about the brighter tones. With this lot, to see it shine, a nice medium roast is the best bet but be prepared for a bit of acidity coming through; gives the cup a huge depth of flavor. Dark roasts will be pretty awesome as long as you like strong coffee, light roasts are only for acidic fans.

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