Usually Kenyan coffee lose some of their track-ability through the mill aggregation model. This cup is cool for its an estate produced offering, where is came from and the folks behind it are well known.

Kiriga was established in 1954 and currently has 130 acres of land in use for coffee cultivation, which stretches along the Chania river, the natural border between Kiambu and Muranga counties and the source of the famous Chania falls. Brian Gakunga inherited the estate from his father, Aloysius Gakunga, who first planted coffee for his father (Brian’s grandfather) in the 1950s until he realized his own dream of purchasing the the Kiriga Estate, which he had admired since Childhood. Kiriga has its own mill where cherry selection, depulping, fermentation, washing, and drying are meticulously executed. The Kiriga estate also runs a local pre-school that has several dairy cattle to ensure that the children always have access to fresh milk.

Tasting Notes: 
A bit mellower and smoother than most of the prime AA lots. No missing this cup is a Kenyan though, decently strong acidity upfront especially on the lighter roast side; comes off pretty buzzy and citric with a little soft fruit. Smooth and not over the top herbal spice notes in its balanced more chocolaty undertones. If you want to shoot for a more acidic bright cup, roast it a bit lighter, looking for more of the robust spice and chocolaty tones, take it a bit darker.

Roasting Notes: 
This cup like most Kenyans, its best to avoid extreme roasts, too light or too dark will highly limit the fans of this cup. Very drinkable by anyone at a nice strong medium roast, only those who love classic Kenyan coffees will like it decently light or decently dark.

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