Maui Kaanpali Estate is a unique Hawaiian coffee.  The beans are grown by MauiGrown Coffee at Ka‘anapali Estate in the West Maui highlands.

The 500-acre estate is a former State/private project that used coffee to diversify Maui’s sugar plantations.  It performed extensive field trials to find Arabicas that grow best in the soil, altitude and climate, while providing the best cup quality and yields.  MauiGrown grows the 4 best Arabica types from those field trials: Maui Mokka, Yellow Caturra, Red Catuai and Typica.

Tasting Notes:
This cup is a bit more fruit forward than previous years with a nice sweet edge to it. Medium to low acidity along with a medium body, the fruitier aspects of this cup are balanced with a nice malty edge that will get pretty strong as you get close or into 2nd crack. Pretty wild at the lighter roasts, it becomes a good smooth and defined cup at a strong medium roast.

Roasting Notes:
This is interesting coffee by itself but one of my favorite blend components. If you are into espresso and like Hawaii – this is a perfect blend base.  I would shoot for right before the second crack – will give you a very smooth cup – lower acidity with a very floral aroma; accentuating the dark malt and chocolate tones. Medium roasts are best for a single origin drinker, very sweet with some soft fruit and a malty undertone.

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