This Ethiopian Natural Yirgacheffe is a super tasty single farmer offering, a rare a very traceable bean.

Bogale Turki, who produced this delightful dry processed batch of beans, farms coffee on a 30 acre plot in the Banko Chelchele kebele (neighborhood) of Gedeb woreda, south of Yirgacheffe and just west of the bulgy border with the vast Oromia region.

Although grown by Bogale Turki these beans are  processed as a separate micro-lot by Tesfaye Roba. Trick natural processing is often done by a specialty 3rd party. Very tricky to nail the taste profile of a stellar natural.

Bogale’s 30-acre farm is located near the community of Chelchele in the Gedeb district of the Gedeo Zone. Tesfaye and his brothers recently took over farm operations for their mother, Bedihatu Jibicho (now approaching 100 years old) and also began processing and exporting coffee for neighbors like Bogale. Bogale has been cultivating coffee for 12 years but this is the first year, with the help of Tesfaye, that he has been able to sell his coffee as a micro-lot. Coffee is Bogale’s main source of income that he uses to support his nine children (5 boys and 4 girls).

Tasting Notes:
A clean, smooth and exotic cup with some awesome complexities. The aroma hits that dark fruit note on the head – smells like floral blueberries and blackberries. Its body is smooth, rich and clean. The flavor has many layers of lemon-grass, berries, chocolate, and orange peel. A delicate cup – mostly going after those fruity floral and sweet tones but does have that classic Yirgacheffe spice note not always present in the naturals.  We do not recommend roasting this dark by any means. Super light roasts are clean but much more citric, city + (light to medium) really brings forth the berry notes, a jammier body but still retains a little orange-ish acidic sparkle note. Strong medium roasts are pretty fantastic as well, balances the cup nicely, still delicate and sweet as can be but without that citric edge to it.

Roasting Notes:
Light to medium roasts are where its at 100% on this cup. If your a dark roast fan, look to some other offerings. Roasts awesomely easy for an Ethiopian Natural,  even roasting but does have a bit higher chaff content. One may want to give it a couple days setup if shooting for those real light roasts. We recommend starting with a nice medium roast and adjusting to personal taste preference.


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