We found some great new friends in Colombia – the Lopez family. One of family; Omar, is here in our home town and runs a small craft roastery and coffee shop basically on the UW Madison Campus. There farms are in a lesser known more remote region we have never previously pulled coffee from – truly a fantastic cup profile, one can tell upon first sip that this is not your average run of the mill Colombian.

Their coffee is grown in the “Eje Cafetero,” the heart of the coffee regions of Colombia, in the core of the Andes Mountains. This region produces some awesome Arabica coffee. This exceptional, shade grown, single origin coffee is produced by the Lopez siblings on their two family farms: El Cortijo and Venecia.

Diana Lopez  is the owner of the coffee farms; Harby Lopez helps with logistics and transportation in Colombia; and Omar Lopez lives in Madison and runs Cafe Social, the coffeehouse. They all work together to provide an efficient model for direct trade; the most ideal model for coffee farmers but one of the more difficult to achieve. 

Tasting Notes:
A very nice smooth cup of coffee. A hint of a soft fruit tone, a little floral and on the sweeter side. A bit of nutty, chocolaty tones and spice balance the cup out and reminds you this is a stronger profiled Colombian. Fuller bodied, especially into the strong medium to dark roasts.

Roasting Notes:
Versatile roasting coffee, good from light to dark. Shines at the darker roast points; just before to just into 2nd crack. Interesting at lighter roasts but much more front loaded. Very fresh coffee will most likely mellow in a couple months. We air freighted it in from the farm for exceptional freshness.

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