Greetings Burman Coffee Master Roasters!  Welcome to our new mobile friendly website.   As we designed and developed our new site, our goal was to provide an easy and intuitive shopping experience, allow you to quickly navigate to the coffee beans or teas that have your favorite flavor profile, and offer outstanding home-roasting education to our newer Master Roasters.

The major changes are outlined for you here.  We believe that most of these changes are intuitive and will make shopping easier.  Let us know how we did – we would love your feedback.  Email us at [email protected]

“My Account” Changes
If you had an account on our old website, we have ported your username, email, billing and shipping addresses to the new website.  However you will have to reset your password in order to log in.   You can reset your password from the My Account menu or on the Checkout page as a Returning Customer.

Order history from the old website is not available on the new website.  But, no worries, we have access to your old orders if you need them.

The new site does not force you to choose between checking out as a guest or logging in to your account (remember our goal is to simplify).  It is totally up to you. The two major advantages of having an account are pre-filling your billing address, phone number, and email at checkout and the ability to view your previous orders.

We do not store payment information – regardless of whether you have an account or not, you will need to enter your credit card information.

Your account no longer has the capability to store and track $ credits.  If you had an account credit on our old website, we notified you by email that you have been issued a gift certificate for the new site in the amount of your credit.

Coupon Changes
Here at Burman Coffee we are changing our focus from subsidizing coffee samples and Burman Coffee schwag to subsidizing our flat-rate shipping charges.  We are continually working with our shippers and the post office to get the best rates possible and, as we grow, will continue to lower our flat-rate charge when possible.

All coupons from the old website are now expired.

T-shirts, Coasters, and 1/2 lb. Coffee Samples
You can purchase T-shirts, Coasters, and 1/2 lb. Coffee Samples for a nominal fee.  You will find these  “add-on” items on the checkout page after your billing information.   One “add-on” item per order.

Coffee List and Tea List changes
We’re pretty proud of the new functionality on these pages.   You can sort by price or alphabetically and you can filter by various coffee or tea characteristics!  How awesome is that?  And, if you prefer to just shop by country of origin you can skip the coffee list and go directly to Shop by Origin from the Coffee drop down menu.

Lastly, we changed the navigation such that you will remain on the coffee or tea list after adding a product to your cart.  The old website took you to the shopping cart after adding a product and you then had to navigate back if you wanted to purchase additional products.  We think you’ll like this navigation once you get used to it, but it is different.   You can always view your cart by clicking the “View Cart” button that pops up after adding a product or by going to the top menu ribbon and clicking on View Cart.

Blog changes
Our blog is now titled Home Coffee Roasting Resources.   Here you will find not only our fabulous blog posts, but also a comprehensive home coffee roasting learning center.  We will be continuously adding materials to the learning center.  Got questions or an idea for home coffee roasting learning center topics?  Let us know!  We’re pretty sure Garry and/or Jon will be able to expound on the topic!

Looking for roasting notes on a coffee that is no longer on our coffee list?  Simply use the search function in Home Coffee Roasting Resources to display the roasting and tasting notes from out of stock coffees!