Hawaiian Hala Tree Farms – Mamaki Whole Leaf

Leaves of the Mamaki plant

Steeping Time – 5 Minutes

Water Temp – 212 F



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A cool and healthy Hawaiian herbal tea from our friends at Hala Tree.

Mamaki Tea, a hidden gem from the enchanting Island of Hawaii, offers not only a delightful sip but a powerful journey into wellness and tradition. Native to these tropical lands, Mamaki is a herbal treasure renowned for its exceptional health benefits and its deep-rooted connection to the well-being of ancient Hawaiian culture.

This remarkable herbal tea is your path to a healthier life. Mamaki is celebrated for its potential to strengthen the immune system, regulate high blood pressure, and lower cholesterol levels. It doesn’t stop there; it also acts as a natural detoxifier, purifying the bloodstream, and alleviating stress and fatigue, all while paying homage to Hawaii’s ancient wisdom of vitality and longevity.

Our Mamaki Tea is the embodiment of this tradition, delivering a revitalizing and naturally caffeine-free elixir. What sets it apart is the presence of three distinct antioxidants within its leaves, making it a holistic choice for your well-being.

One of the true joys of Mamaki Tea is its versatility. Whether you savor it as a warm, comforting cup or an invigorating iced delight, the choice is yours. To experience the refreshing crispness of Mamaki as an iced tea, try our Iced Mamaki Tea Recipe. Simply steep a quarter of the bag in a quart of boiling water, cover it, and let it rest overnight. When the morning sun rises, you’ll be greeted by a robust, deep-red tea. Just drain the leaves, add more water, pour it over ice, and enjoy a rejuvenating iced tea. For those with a sweet tooth and a zest for citrus, consider elevating your experience with a touch of lemon juice and simple syrup, transforming it into a delightful “Mamaki Palmer.”

Mamaki Tea isn’t just a beverage; it’s an invitation to experience the heritage of Hawaii’s health and well-being, right in your cup. Let every sip transport you to the lush landscapes of Hawaii and embrace the timeless wisdom that nature and tradition have to offer. Make Mamaki Tea an integral part of your daily ritual and embark on a journey to a healthier, more vibrant you. Enjoy the refreshing and revitalizing taste of Mamaki Tea.

Steeping Time – 5 Minutes

Water Temp – 212 F

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