White Monkey (Bai Hao Zhu)


Sip mindfully and stimulate your senses with the velvety body and unfolding aromas that linger subtly on the palate. This tea is truly uplifting, it makes a great morning meditation or mid-afternoon break.

Attractive, small and tightly curled dark green and downy white leaves steep a cup with a lovely peach color. Exceptionally clean, light and uncomplicated, this tea tastes fresh and nourishing.

With a barely perceptible cedar aroma, the smooth astringency carries melon, citrus, and almond tones that blossom slowly.

Steeping Time – 3 Minutes

Water Temp – 175 F

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Fuijan, China


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Exceptional green and downy white tips.

We recommend trying this very special tea in the traditional Chinese way – a series of small cups steeped first for 30 seconds, then an additional 30 seconds for each subsequent re-steeping. Enjoy 5 or more small cups, note the change in aroma and flavor profile as the tiny leaves unfurl and infuse little by little.

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Fuijan, China


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