King of Silver Needles White Tea


These exceptional white tea leaves are very small, slender, pale, and covered in delicate silver down, the very newest spring buds. They are dried almost immediately after harvest to preserve the high concentrations of antioxidants and minerals as well as the delicate yet invigorating sprout-like flavors.

The liquor is pale yellow, and the faint aroma is woody, nutty, leafy – it may remind you of climbing a tree. On the tongue it is remarkably sweet, with only very light astringency, notes of bamboo, melon and papaya.

Steeping Time – 3 Minutes

Water Temp – 160 – 170 F

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Only the finest new Silver Needle buds.

These delicate leaves benefit from gentle and attentive preparation. First, it is highly recommended to pre-heat your cups and steeping vessel with boiling water; this helps to maintain the water temperature and create the best infusion and aromas. Use a generous portion of 2-3 tablespoons of leaves per 6 ounces of water, and do not use a tea ball or any other steeping device which will restrict the leaves from expanding. Infuse in water at 160 degrees (boil, then allow to cool for 3 minutes). Do not hesitate to re-steep this tea – it does well, even as the flavors turn more green and less sweet, it keeps its velvety flowery feel.

Or try this very special tea in the traditional Chinese way – a series of small cups steeped first for 30 seconds, then an additional 30 seconds for each subsequent re-steeping. Enjoy 5 or more small cups, note the change in aroma and flavor profile as the tiny leaves unfurl and infuse little by little. This tea has a lovely uplifting feel, enjoy it in the traditional way as a meditative moment, centering your attention and clearing your head.


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