Japanese Houjicha Roasted Green Tea


Subtly roasted green tea

Roasting adds more robust and well-rounded flavors, appealing more to Western tastes. It is still a very mild tea, with pale orange liquor and a subtle aroma, easy on the belly, calming and warming rather than stimulating. Flavors tend toward nutty with subtle undertones of cedar, canteloupe, jasmine, plus a unique tone that stands out compared to other teas – rich and buttery oats.

Steeping Time – 3-9 minutes

Water Temp – 170 F

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The Japanese have a word to describe this tea: “umami”. It is a rare tea that satisfies both the senses of taste and smell. The Houjicha-Roasted Green Tea has a rich amber colored liquor and a nutty, earthy aroma

Or try steeping this tea in traditional Japanese style – 6 grams of tea in 6 ounces of water, steeped for 30-60 seconds.  This provides a rich flavor experience quite different than a typical green tea – stand-out flavors include creamy buttery oats and a light but uniquely crisp astringency that tingles the palate and sinuses.  It can be re-steeped numerous times to enjoy the whole range of flavor profiles.

Steeping Time – 3-9 minutes

Water Temp – 170 F

Subtly roasted green tea


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